Z-Pita Port Jefferson Restaurant Review

Whether you dock your boat at the Port Jefferson Town Marina, Setauket Yacht Club, or at Danfords, and stroll down Main Street during the morning, afternoon, or evening, Z-Pita appeals. Breakfast is served every morning, and cheese or chocolate fondue is available every night, along with a primarily Mediterranean lunch and dinner menu.

Once you’re seated in this high-volume, low-elbow room restaurant, you might feel as if you mistakenly wandered into a large family celebration. However, it’s clear that you’re not crashing the party by the way the friendly wait staff welcomes you.

Does snacking on tasty warm pita bread make a menu more enticing? Though I’m not sure, many selections sounded so appealing that it was hard to choose. Did we prefer to start with hummus, Greek pizza, fried calamari, escarole and beans, or spinach pie? What about a Greek salad or one topped with filet mignon or fresh tuna?

Z-Pita’s menu didn’t make it easy to narrow down the entrées, either. Paninis, Joey Zee’s Gourmet burger, a gyro dinner, fettuccine alfredo, moussaka, pizza with meatballs or surf and turf? Then there’s “Joey’s Special,” offering marinated chunks of chicken served over pita, topped with tomatoes and feta cheese, accompanied by sweet potato fries and a honey maple dipping sauce. Whole wheat and gluten-free pastas are available, as well as multiple choices for vegans and vegetarians, such as six different veg-pita platters (I recommend the two-handful falafel).

Before heading back to your boat, the “Hot Baked Coney Island Pretzels” (offered in twos, with or without cheese) may entice you for dessert.  Or how about finishing a meal that started with strawberries, marshmallows, and bananas dipped into dark or milk chocolate fondue with a slice of baklava, or enjoying a banana and nutella crepe after a cheese and filet mignon fondue? That’s the true fun of Z-Pita:  it’s your party and you can eat what you want to!


217 Main Street

Port Jefferson



Z-pita Port Jeff  Customer Reviews – Yelp Reviews Z-pita

Mellisa P. Port Jefferson NY. 1-9-2013

The best Greek restaurant in town.  Take out or sit inside Joey Z will make sure you are content.  Delicious food all the way around. Cozy and friendly atmosphere. Variety is the spice of life.  Large portions, nice wines,excellent service. As the Chairperson for “A Taste of Port Jefferson”, Z-Pita has been a participant for the past 5 years.  Joey Z never says no!


 Chelsea D. Mt Sinai NY 1-2-2013

This is one of my favorite places in Port Jeff for dining out. My most recent visit was my favorite, by far. It is a bit cramped and is best for parties of two-four. My friend and I shared a Greek Pizza to start which was fantastic. We also both ordered the Honey Maple Turkey Panini and we devoured it. I paired my panini with a greek salad while my friend got the sweet potato fries and honey maple dipping. We each ordered a glass of Riesling. The reason why I love this place so much is because they give you a FULL glass of wine instead of pouring filling up 1/4 of the glass with an expensive beverage. I always feel like I’m getting my money’s worth here.

Best time is winter! It just has that cozy, warm feel. It is especially cute and popular during Valentine’s Day! Make your reservations early when they announce their V-Day menu!

p.s. Fondue is also incredible here. Just an all-around pleasant experience.


Eric P. – Baldwin NY Customer Review – 6-10-2013

I was with my wife for the Port Jefferson hounds on the sound parade when we went to lunch at z pita. This restaurant was recommended to me by a local. The food was every good including a appetizer of Greek spinach pie and out two pita main courses. Service was excellent and very responsive.The cost to value ratio here is bout average for this type of restaurant.All in all this was a very good experience and I look forward to returning in the future.


I would recommend this place to anyone; families, couples, etc. I had a delicious dinner and then ordered the dark chocolate fondue. Phenomenal. It’s the real thing. They definitely know what their doing. Other reviews said it tasted like diner food but I don’t know any diner food that tastes like that! I’m going back for more. Oh, and one more thing, the waitresses are pretty cute too.


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