Wrestling Gear That You Need to Have

Wrestling duals is a very demanding sport.  It not tests your physical strength, but your emotional and mental toughness as well.  Drills and practices can be very brutal and it requires nerves of steel from any who are involved in this sport.  Most people find it hard enough to train for wrestling duals, what more for cutting weight.  This is perhaps one of the most gruelling periods for preparing for wrestling duals.  Here are some tips on how you can cut weight before your highly anticipated match in the mat or in the ring.

During the off-season you may want to work on gaining as much strength as possible.  Train 3 times each week in the weight room, strengthening those muscles that are used for wrestling.  Now during the wrestling season, you still have to strength train.  If you don’t you won’t be maintaining that you have gained during the off-season.

Do not starve your body just to make a weight.  If you do starve your body, you are slowing down your metabolism.  Starving only causes a reverse effect that will cause you to find it more difficult to attain weight for the next season.  What you need to lose is fat and not muscle and water.  Eat more frequently such as four small meals a day.

Do not get into the habit of jogging for many miles before wrestling duals since it will not give you more endurance.  If you try to lose weight by jogging, what will happen is your body will eat off the muscles that you have gained.

In order to wrestle at your peak during wrestling duals, and have got to have your body working efficiently with all of the body systems working optimally.  Each of your body systems requires water.  You need to give yourself 3 to 4 ounces of water every 3 hours on days that you are trying to make weight.  Remember that you need to keep up your strength.  You need to plan everything well in order to do this right.  This enables you to make the weight that you are targeting before the wrestling duals start.

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