Workout Gain Muscle – Hardcore Workouts Build Muscle

WorkOut Gain Muscle

You can’t build muscle with fluff and cable workouts. You need to pump iron!

Which works better to build triceps, a heavy military presses or a press-down? A heavy military presses is the right answer! Six repetitions of military presses are more intense than triceps press-downs so you get more muscle growth in less time. The same reasoning applies to doing squats, heavy leg presses and dead lifts rather than leg curls and extensions! Doing four sets of biceps and triceps is hard, but not as intense as performing sets of dead lifts or six sets of squats. Jay Ferruggia tells us that. WorkOut Gain Muscle

Building muscle requires you to move weight instead of performing a high amount of repetitions with cable machines. Ignore the hype about 6 day isolation workouts. If you can workout 6 days a week, you are not training hard enough to build muscle!

Ignore muscle pumps! A pump doesn’t build muscle, all the pump accomplishes is forcing more blood to the muscles, but that doesn’t force muscle growth. You need basic movements using heavy weights, time for your muscles to respond, and enough calories in your diet to force the muscles to grow.

Perform chin-ups, pull-ups and dumbbell rows to strengthen your back. Dumb-bell presses and incline presses are the best exercises to develop your chest.
In short, stick to the time tested basics. Make sure you ingest 3.000 to 5,000 calories a day so your body has enough fuel to grow. Rest a day between workouts to give your muscle tissue the time it needs to grow. WorkOut Gain Muscle

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