Working with Blogs For Link Building

Today’s article is about employing blogs for building a lot of quality backlinks for our websites home and internal pages. Here are my top ways to implement blogs for doing massive link building our websites:

1. Generate Blogs

So it’s a good idea to create some blogs on popular platforms that offers free blog creation facility. Some of popular platforms which allows creation of free blogs are,,, and So you have to generate blogs specific to your website niche on these blogging platforms and update them with new and original content.

2. Perform Guest Blogging

The notion of guest blogging has become preferred day by day. But nonetheless it’s restricted to technology blogs, I hardly ever observe the utilization of guest blogging on various other market sectors similar to wellness, travel, education and so forth. Basic concept guiding guest blogging is, developing a listing of popular blogs in your niche with their contact details. Now approach these blog writers along with your guest posts.

3. Blog Commenting

Couple of months ago, we only focused on dofollow blog commenting. Hence the idea powering commenting on blogs is gathering a long list of well-known blogs in your niche market and begin posting comments with beneficial details on them. Please don’t try to spam blogs in the interest of few link development.

4. Do Blogroll Exchange

Make contact with a few well-known bloggers in your niche market and ask them for a blogroll exchange. If you have a decent website, there’s a good possibility, they will love doing blogroll exchange with your website. Blogroll links are utilized to be accessible on all pages of a blog, so you can gather a large number of links from a single blog even if it is a blog with thousands of pages cached in the major search engines.

5. Conduct Link Exchange within Content

It is again contacting other bloggers in your niche market and asking links to your website from their current or future articles. And in exchange, you’ll be offering equivalent advantages to those bloggers from your website’s content pieces.

Can you undertake the link building techniques using blogs such as the aforementioned approaches? If not, find a dependable link building service firm to perform the task for you.

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