Women Build Muscle Tips

I’m going to show you my favorite muscle building tips for women. There is a lot of disadvantages women have when it comes to this type of goal. The lack of testosterone is the most apparent, but you can really have great success if you take advantage of all the little things that your body has to offer you. When I started out there wasn’t much in the way of information for women, but I learned a lot from trial and error. It’s almost been a decade since I started, but I’m a much better person at it.

Diet is Everything

Your diet is important to the success of you building muscle. If you’re not putting the proper nutrients into your body at the right times, than your muscles can’t be repaired properly. This was a hard lesson for me to learn because I just assumed that muscles were made in the gym and not the kitchen. Once I started to focus on planning out a diet and eating properly, my results started to explode. I think the best thing you can do is start eating smaller meals more often. This allows your body to get a consistent flow of nutrients to repair muscle tissue.

Compound Exercises

I used to do a lot of isolated exercises. These are the ones that just work around 1 muscle group. I’d do dumbbell curls and calf raises, but it wasn’t until I tried out compound exercises that I really stimulated a lot of muscle growth. The best exercises are squats and deadlifts. If you did these alone, you’d have great results.

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