Wine Demographics-The Changes in the Wine Industry

The effects of a bad economy can’t be denied and it is just now beginning to be felt. Particularly on luxury items, shoppers tend to buy less and consider the purchases more. Nearly any item that is not necessary is considered a luxury. While even televisions and movie players, as well as entertainment item sales are down that isn’t true of every item.


One item which seems to be holding its own is wine, which has not lowered in sales notably. The different wine demographics arrived at from market research tell us that wine purchasers are typically well educated women. Those women also, however, can be depended upon to take into account the kinds of wine that their husbands or partners like and will use.


Alcohol trends tell us that on the whole, wine has become one of the most predominant types of alcoholic beverage in the United States . Smaller wineries are cropping up in the dozens, encouraged by market research and This has been a very big boon to the wine industry as well as to national sales of wine. Cities and states are making their own share of the funding since wine and spirits are very heavily taxed.


In addition to the wine demographics and the market research pointing to increased sales for wineries, they also point to an increase in wine tourism. The benefits of the new wine tourism are going to Napa and Sonoma Valleys as well as to New York wineries. New York market research as well as California market research tell us that wine tourism is on the rise. There are a lot of people who are currently traveling for no other reason than simply to visit wine country and sample wines. They are wanting more low cost wines with a great taste and a full bouquet and are traveling further to find what they are looking for and to see samples of the wines that interest them.


According to market research, customers are traveling around the world to visit wineries and are causing those wineries to change in response to what the customers want from a new wine

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