Understanding the Best Tax Attorney

If you have a fairly simple tax return, you probably do not have to deal with a tax attorney lawyer throughout the course of your life. Unfortunately, when things change for the better, you may suddenly find that you need their services. For some, this has to do with their business suddenly experiencing exponential growth. For others, it has to do with moving to another country. Others, on the other hand, may find themselves facing tax evasion charges for items that they did not know they had to declare. For complicated situations that require facing the IRS, you need to have the best tax attorney by your side. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider hiring a CPA tax attorney.

These people see the entire picture 
The great thing about a tax attorney lawyer who is also a CPA is that they have the unique advantage of understanding the law, financial statements, and the IRS. These people can do negotiations, financial reporting, and take care of legal and accounting questions when in front of the IRS. However, this kind of expertise comes with a hefty price tag. The best tax attorney spends most of his or her life studying accounting and law, so they tend to charge exorbitant amounts, too. In fact, depending on their expertise and experience, you will find a CPA tax attorney to set you back from hundreds of dollars per hour.

Client confidentiality through attorney-client privilege
Because talking to your accountant does not allow you client confidentiality in criminal courts, most people prefer dealing with a tax attorney lawyer instead. If this is your main issue, you can solve this by getting someone with a double degree to help fix things for you. For someone to completely help you with tax evasion charges, they will need to know the whole truth. As always, you need to get someone who is a seasoned expert to help you with this.

The flipside of working with a CPA tax attorney
Sometimes, instead of an expert who sees all sides of the coin, you end up with a jack of all trades and a master of none. In fact, there are people who have the privilege of having these designations, but do not have the experience to back it up. When this happens, you may find that an Enrolled Agent can even better represent you in front of the IRS than that particular accountant-lawyer. Law, accounting, and dealing with IRS are such wide fields that no CPA tax attorney can truly claim that he or she is an expert in all three of them. But then, there are those who can truly claim the mantle, and if you find them, hire them immediately. 

While a CPA tax attorney costs more than the usual accountant or lawyer, you will find that they are worth it especially if you are trying to solve complex IRS problems. You will be covered by the client confidentiality clause, and you will have a cpa tax attorney who can both defend you in court and help you work on your accounting. While some people may find cpa tax attorney beyond their budget, others will definitely agree that these people are the best choice.

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