Top 6 Web Design Trends for 2017

Technology is the driving force of the Internet—it is constantly changing. In order for web designers and business owners to remain competitive in the Internet marketplace, they will have to be on the cutting-edge of technology and design. In 2013, there will an assortment of new web design trends. The following are the top web design trends to consider.

Trend #1 – Typography Design

Typography plays an integral role in web design. In fact, it is considered the foundation of a website. In 2013, there will be a variety of new fonts available for web designers to choose from. The days of replacing text with images is becoming outdated as web designers enhance a website’s appearance with typography.

Trend #2 – Responsive Web Design

Gone are the days when a website was designed to fulfill the needs of desktop users. Today, if your website isn’t catering to mobile users, you’re missing out big time. Imagine what it would be like if you had to have a separate website designed for desktop users, mobile users and iPad/Tablet users?  It would cost you a fortune. Responsive design eliminates the need to have a separate websites for each device.  With responsive design, a website works flawlessly on all devices.

The same design elements should apply for social media buttons and shopping carts. This allows a web user to scroll freely throughout a website.

Trend #3 – Branding will Take a Back Seat

Web designers will be focusing more on designing a person’s brand rather than designing a website that pertains to the latest web design trends. In other words, web designers will choose design elements that will enhance a brand or compliment the beauty of a logo design.

Trend #4 – Scroll Vertically

Today, many websites are designed to scroll vertically and horizontally. In 2013, you will find many websites that will be optimized to scroll vertically. Websites that scroll vertically are more user-friendly and efficient for mobile users. When a person scrolls down a web page, the header menu should scroll in a downward position, so the user doesn’t have to move up to view the menu again.

Trend #5 – Larger Buttons

Tap & touch is becoming the new norm. Larger size buttons will not only used to beautify a website, it will become a necessity. Larger buttons also make it easier for people to touch and tap on a website. Also, larger buttons will require more captivating graphics. Web designers will have to put their creative thinking caps on when it comes to designing images with fast loading times.

Trend #6 – Parallax Scrolling Effects

At one time, parallax scrolling was designed specifically for the video game industry. Today, this has all changed. This design feature will allow web designers to control the depth of design objects on a website.


The above web design trends are only a handful of trends that will take center stage in the upcoming year. As the Internet evolves, there will be numerous new trends developing. It will be very interesting to see how these trends will change the way we utilize the web.

By David Montalvo

David Montalvo SEODavid Montalvo is the CEO of UnReal Web Marketing LLC. He has achieved over 2.5 million top 10 positions for Fortune 500 companies since 1997.

UnReal Web Marketing is an Internet firm specializing in Web Design, SEO, PPC, E-commerce and Web Analytics. The diverse talent at UnReal Web Marketing has over 50 years of combined experience in web marketing and web design, and has been instrumental in creating and optimizing more than 1,350 websites generating close to $82 million in sales for small to mid-sized companies throughout the United States.

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