Things To Remember When Setting Up A Themed Party

My dad was turning 50 during that time and our family wanted something memorable. He dedicated his life for his wife and kids that is why we thought it was payback time. So for this party, we wanted everything to be perfect. 

A simple party was out of the question. Memorable means fun, crazy and creative. A formal setting will just bore out the kid in him. My dad was lively, bubbly and always full of life. Only a theme party would make our birthday boy enjoy his 50th year. 

A corporate party or formal ball was definitely a big No-No. So we made a shortlist of themes that we thought would make our dad happy.Our shortlist included cowboy, 80s, the Godfather, Mexican fiesta, the Beatles, and beach themes.  Every dad would enjoy either a cowboy or Godfather theme. The west will always be the west as boys will always be cowboys. 

The Godfather, it works for every man because we all want to be mobsters at the back of our minds. The Beatles would make dad’s childhood or teenage rockstar dreams come true. A Mexican fiesta party with the default Piñata is a safe theme since everyone does it, so we had it as backup. And a beach themed party is kind of cool to execute in a huge lawn in suburbia because that’s where the challenge lies. 

In the end, we decided to go for a beach themed party, specifically a Caribbean Beach Theme party. The Caribbean is all about party and our dad was all about fun and relaxation. As for food, we booked a popular Caribbean caterer. We got that caterer because they had such good reviews online. All we had to do was Google them up using location and idea based keywords such as spit roast catering Brisbane, spit roast Brisbane and spit roast hire Brisbane

As for decorations, we decided to hire professionals as well. Why bother spending all that time and effort when you can have contractors do the job for you. Since we had time on our hands, we just made sure everybody went to the party.

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