The Wonders Performance Coaching Versus Burnout

Performance training gives a new hope for employees who seem to live like zombies attempting to finish sets of tasks agreed on between employer and worker at the start of the work “career”. Both the employer and the employee wonder how, in the first 1 or 2 months of the worker in the company, he / she appeared to be at ease with work and was reasonably productive. However , after a little over a year on the job, the employee seemed to slacken off and wanted to take more days off but still looking haggard and negative when he / she comes back to work.

If we attempt to analyse and look within the employee’s psyche, we’re going to find that the reason for his / her current state is what’s named as “burnout”. He / she really has the necessary skills required for the performance of his / her jobs. In fact , he / she was good at it as demonstrated for the duration of his / her honeymooning phase with the job. It started out turning sour after that period as he / she was becoming “too familiar” with his / her job. How could more familiarity with a job result in below-par productivity level? Shouldn’t it have gone up with the employee being more comfortable with his / her kind of work?

Burnout is parallel to tedium. It really effectively dulls the mind affecting the physical body and the entire being. But the actual question is the simple way to connect boredom or burnout with familiarity with the job. Boredom is an inexplicable loss of interest on something existing, e.g, an activity that you do repeatedly again. The familiarity causes the activity to be “too easy” for the doer that he loses the challenge or thrill of doing it. Doing nothing about it heightens the boredom and magnifies the exhaustion it causes thanks to the lack of challenge in the activity. Something that’s not challenging but currenthas to be done is just really uninteresting.

What happens to the employee is that he looks for “other activities” which are “new” to him / her even those without challenge or thrill. It easily loses the generally accepted “thrill” in it and enhances the already imminent or present boredom. What is terribly wrong about it is that it eats a massive piece of the employee’s time that is meant to be invested at work or “recharging”. This is where the idea of performance coaching comes in.

Performance coaching is a holistic program that is designed for the worker to appreciate and realize his / her purchased and in-built abilities and talents vis–vis his / her work. That alone gives him / her a feeling of signification that incentivizes him / her to do better. The programme also can include a life-style design / regime that offers built-in recharging within his / her work-rest-play routine. A matching diet to match up with the life-style completes the programme.

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