The Music of iTunes

The Music of iTunes

The main feature of Apple’s online digital media store is iTunes music. iTunes store opened in April 28, 2003, as iTunes music store and ever since then it has surge to become the number one music vendor in the United States. Due to the patronage of consumers for iTunes music, the iTunes store is the largest legal music retailer.

Currently, iTunes store proudly claims that their iTunes music catalogue contains 13 million songs. It’s musical inventory began when Apple and the five major record labels signed agreements and then around 2,000 independent labels followed suit. An added feature of iTunes music are the exclusive tracks from artists that can only be bought in iTunes store.

ITunes music always have new songs added to its catalog every day, while the iTunes store update this every Tuesdays. Apple caters to a lot of consumers especially when it weekly releases singles in bilingual form in iTunes music. They usually would promote “Discovery download” by charging the introductory songs for free. A special and added bonus for downloaded iTunes music is the information that comes with the song, the title, the artist and the album where it is found.

There are some iTunes music singles however that cannot be purchased individually but can only be acquired by buying the whole album. They are usually labele in iTunes music as “album only.” The usual examples of this type of iTunes music are those songs who have 10 minutes in length, soundtracks, whether from television or movies. iTunes music epitomizes Shakespeare’s quote, “if music is the food of love, then play on”. iTunes music is easy to access especially for music lovers who want to ease their day with relaxing music or for those who want begin their day by cranking it up to pump adrenaline to their brain.

Always remember that songs from iTunes music is not free. The come in different prices from 69 cents, 99 cents and $1.29. The iTunes store is also a venue for iTunes music lovers to connect with people that share the same music preference. iTunes music truly connects people in the Global village.

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