The Body Weight Workout ? Lose Fat And Get Fit

Do you know that one of the best ways to lose fat and get fit is by doing a body weight workout? It has a great cardio-vascular effect and as with any resistance training program, exercise not only makes you stronger but helps you lose fat as well. Doing a body weight workout is not only beneficial to your body but also your bank account. Kiss monthly gym fees goodbye and get to spend more time at home as most exercises can be done in front of the TV whilst watching your favourite program (unless it distracts you from concentrating).

Why the Body Weight Workout

Calisthenics or bodyweight exercises are exercises consisting of movements which use the weight of your body as resistance. It’s an extremely incredible and effective way to build muscle and stay fit as it provides short bursts of intense training or extended training for endurance, depending on the techniques used, and by doing only a few exercises you can cover �almost all the muscle groups.


One of the best ways to make the muscle grow is to keep it under constant tension when doing your exercise. Say for instance you are doing a chin-up, slow down on the upward pull and don’t lockout at the top of the movement. Stop just short and keep the muscle under tension. On the downward movement, take twice as long as well and don’t relax when you are down.

Doing the opposite is another technique that will build explosive power into your muscle.


Apply one or more techniques to the following exercises for a great workout:

Handstand Pushups

One-Arm Pushup

Door Pull-up

One Legged Squat

Knee Jump

Headstand Leg Raise (great for Lower Back)

Do a circuit of these 2-3 times aiming for between 5 � 10 reps and finish off with some ab work.

Following a well planned routine with progressive techniques will bring you great results.

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