Skinny to Muscle – Weight Exercises For the Skinny Guy

Are you confused about what weight exercises you should be doing for maximum muscle growth to go from skinny to muscle? Do you wonder if what you are doing is the best set of exercises or maybe you are just wasting your time?

If so then it is great you are looking for answers because the requirements for skinny guys to increase their muscles is a lot more demanding and quite different from other body types who can have a much less strict regime and still pack on the pounds.

Here is a list of exercises for each major muscle group you need to be working on that has been proven to accelerate muscle mass growth in the skinny guy!


Bench Press Flat DB Chest Press


Bent Over Barbell Rows – A personal favorite of mine! Close Grip Chin Ups


Seated DB Shoulder Press Standing Military Press


Dips Tricep Pressdowns


Standing Barbell Curls Incline Bicep Curls


Squats – This is one of the best exercises you can do period and exercises more than just the quads. Lunges


Deadlifts – Another of the ‘must do’ exercises as it does way more than just the hips, make sure you include these often. Stiff Leg Deadlifts

Lower Back

Good Morning – This exercise is where you place a barbell on your shoulders and bend forward with knees slightly bent while keeping your back straight and looking ahead.


Standing Calve Raises


Weighted Ball Sit-ups Weighted Cable Crunches

While this is only a part of a large range of great exercises these are the core groups of BEST exercises that will help your from skinny to muscled super quick if you have the willpower and determination to get that body you want!

These exercises were proven to work for skinny to muscle seekers by a former skinny guy who became an award winning body builder in just 6 months.
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