Sales Leads: How to Nurture them in a New Way

This month’s topic is Lead Nurturing.  Going through this newsletter might be the most worthwhile four minutes you have spent on your company in a long time.

Why Nurture?

The stats tell a sobering story. About three quarters of all leads – leads that businesses acquired and paid for with their marketing dollars – are disregarded by salespeople who anxiously harvest the remaining one quarter of leads- the low-hanging fruit that changes effortlessly and swiftly. Then they stop for yet another batch of leads to come in and once again snatch up a small fraction of prospects, overlooking the lukewarm or uncertain leads that make up the majority. Sure, few of those avoided leads may eventually come across their way back to you under their individual steam and make a purchase, but most are lost.

So we urge you to spend the next few minutes mastering how to rescue all those languishing, lollygagging leads with a sensible method of lead nurturing that combines automation with a very critical compound for success – the human touch.

Lead Nurturing 2.0

Lead management today knows that individual and business customers needs to be nurtured in a more personalized, customized way. As opposed to pushing a one-directional idea at them, we have to let them to select the info that’s relevant to them. It’s like the difference among spam and a juicy, fascinating newsletter you signed up for simply because it’s relevant to you. One message is preferred, the other is deleted.

Lead nurturing 2.0 for the new era commences with the 4 “P”s.

The 4 “P”s of Lead Nurturing

  1. Permission Marketing. Your lead scoring method has determined particular leads are not sales ready and calls for nurturing. But first, you have request their approval to send them your messaging so it is not perceived as unsolicited email. This action is about respecting the buyer and supplying them the decision, which sets the tone for the relationship you’re about to nurture.
  2. Preferences. This is where you figure out what your potential client wants from you, how frequently, and in what structure. You can supply them useful facts and news that’s significant to their interests.  Include a variety of alternatives, such as white papers, e-books, newsletters, online demos, webinars and in-depth needs assessments.
  3. Personal. Drip marketing with email is a great way to stay top-of-mind with potential customers as long as you follow up in a more hands-on manner with phone calls from sales reps or agents who are trained to ask “you” questions and to pay attention more than they talk. This leads us to…
  4. Pulling. The opposite of pushy marketing, lead pulling draws info from potential clients so your sales team can then provide them genuinely substantial content and help as they are gently walked down the aisle toward a commitment.


Drip marketing can do a lot of the lead nurturing “grunt” work. It is an awesome time saver that leaves your representatives accessible to connect with prospects via phone and in person.

Tips for Getting Started

One of the most vital choices you will need to make before you can produce a lead nurturing technique is deciding upon a lead management program that makes it easy for your whole team to get plugged in.

Most lead management software provides free demos or trial versions, which is fantastic but can be time consuming for the decision maker. Before you invest the next 5 weeks trying them all out, here are different tips on what to look for up front. These are the functions that make the job of tracking, managing and nurturing leads simpler on your team and on your finances:

  • Tip 1: Lead management systems that are web-based (cloud computing) have many advantages. They store your data on their servers so you can access it from any browser anywhere. There’s no hardware to invest in, no downloads, fast implementation, and substantial savings.
  • Tip 2: Find out if the program you are interested in and is accessible on mobile phones so representatives and execs can access sales data anytime-anywhere.
  • Tip 3: Look for a program that can import leads from a assortment of sources automatically (landing pages, web forms, email leads, lead providers).
  • Tip 4: Look for a lead management firm that gives auxiliary services like lead generation / call center services, appointment setting, etc. to fill your lead management system with potential customers.
  • Tip 5: Seek out a user interface that’s intuitive, logical, and simple to learn. This helps make certain your staff will get on board with it quickly and easier.
  • Tip 6: Keep your eyes open for programs that can be custom-made to different industries. A program that uses industry terms will boost user adoption.
  • Tip 7: Look for drip marketing capacity that cues representatives when to make personal contact, an intrinsic part of lead nurturing 2.0.
  • Tip 8: Look for a provider that doesn’t require a long-term contract, only charges you per employee on the system and lets you scale up or down without penalty.
  • Tip 9: Look for a lead management system that also automates the attachment to a drip marketing track. This way, you will assure that all of your potential clients will be touched on a recurrent basis.


These are the top characteristics that marketing and sales representative report are the most useful in their lead tracking and nurturing efforts.


How To Keep Leads Alive


 Use a web-based system for lead management and sales CRM such as LeadMaster. As leads flow in they are instantly listed for search and data mining. Then ask sales representative follow up on the leads, a journal of updates records the sales activity for each possible buyer. Dashboards and other CRM tools within web=based lead management systems let managers track the development of every lead so none get lost or forgotten. This radically simple approach means more leads are handled properly, nurtured over time, and eventually turned into sales.


Lead nurturing 2.0 is the modernized way to create customer relationships with significant contact and genuine prospect-focused service. It brings together comprehensive, all-in-one-place software that manages a company’s automated outreach while helping sales specialists stay on track with the personal contact. This new type of lead nurturing assures more of the leads your corporation bought and paid for will ultimately reward you with a sale… whether next week, next month, or next year.

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