Protecting Your Employees and Your Business

One of the most important things you need to bear in mind as an employer is the safety of your employees. However, in the event one of your employees suffers an injury, both you and the employee are going to be protected by the workers’ compensation coverage.

This type of coverage is a state mandated insurance program that offers medical treatment and lost wages that result from an employee’s work related illness or injury. The workers compensation policy also covers services that a potential employee may require in order to be able to return to work after suffering a work related illness or injury.


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A Leader in Workers Compensation

Given the fact we’re one of the leading carriers of workers compensation nationwide, we have the resources, but also the knowledge required to:

  1. Offer affordable and quality treatment for injured staff from our excellent network of local medical providers.
  2. Provide great claims services with superior outcomes.
  3. Help injured workers to get required medications for any type of work related injury without you having to worry about incurring any costs.

Proactive Risk Control Solutions

Preventing accidents from happening in the first place is the best way to lower your total cost of risk. Backed by the top notch resources of the LMRIS, our comprehensive list of risk control services will easily help you do just that.

Effective and Efficient Process for Resolving Claims

We’re fully aware that every minute you waste with filing a claim hurts your business, but thanks to our special process of handling claims, we are proud to say that we can close claims at lower costs and a lot faster than the industry average. As a result, this will translate to a massively lower cost of risk for your business and fewer workdays lost by your staff.

By using complex modeling techniques and highly trained professionals, we can resolve claims successfully and fast. Contact us to find out more about our claims services.

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