Overview of Electric Air Soft Guns

Japan is the originator of electric Air soft guns or Automatic Electric Guns. Tokyo Marui introduced the first air soft guns and due to its increased popularity, other Asian countries followed including China. Electric Air soft guns are far advanced compared to spring and gas powered guns. AEGs also provide the best combination of excellent performance and power, automatic firing capabilities, and at a very inexpensive price.  Electric Air soft guns have different selections from pistols, hybrid models, and low and medium powered guns.

Automatic electric guns get their power from rechargeable batteries and they have more impact as compared to spring coiled power air soft guns. The pellets are launched consecutively by a battery-powered motor and can obtain velocities up to 500 feet per second. The electric air soft gun can shoot two thousand rounds per minute giving the shooter an advantage. The hybrid models on the other hand are gaining some supporters because according to them it gives them an authentic firing experience. It has a more realistic feel, and it has the features of the electric air soft guns. The pellets come in shells, and the shots are accompanied with real smoke plus the sound is as realistic as an actual firearm. The most common, garden-variety type of guns are low and medium powered. These are fairly cheap but it lacks the power you need for serious competitions, sometimes not even as satisfying during practice firing.

Batteries are its only source of power so electric air soft enthusiasts must have chargers on hand. A fully charged battery can withstand one standard game. There is no recoil in electric air soft guns, thus the authenticity is somewhat diminished. Gas blow back guns are the preferred choice even if the AEG is the ideal air soft gun.

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