Organizing A Memorable Themed Wedding And Reception

Organizing a wedding is definitely not easy, but doable nonetheless, especially if you give yourself sufficient time. I got married last July, and the ten months between our engagement and the wedding day had some of the most frantic moments of my life. I and my partner were bursting with excitement during those months, but we also experienced being on the anxious seat every now and then.

One of the first things we decided on was the budget because we believe that doing this at the outset will help us avoid overspending. We looked at our current finances, other sources of funding, how much we need, and how much we need to save each month to cover the balance. The next thing we did was to pick the date and venue. We listed at least five options for each of these. We discussed each option thoroughly, considering cost, convenience, and availability. We wanted an intimate ceremony, so we limited our guest list to family, relatives, and friends who are close to us. By limiting the number of invited guests, we were basically ensuring that we won’t go over our budget.

My wife always wished for a themed wedding, a wedding on the beach to be specific. I was initially reluctant about a themed wedding because I thought they were costly, but my wife was able to convince me otherwise. She also said that it would make the event more memorable, and I agreed with that assertion. As expected, the design elements of the attires, venue decors, and invites are related to the theme. Our invitation package was made to look like a message in a bottle. The same consideration was used when selecting the food for the reception, that is, the menu showcased popular seafood offerings in the locality. For the ceremony and reception music, we got a small group of musicians. For the flowers, my wife chose orchids which were in season and had warm color tones.

To preserve the magnificence of our wedding day, we hired a photographer. We looked for Tampa wedding photographers who can do the job to perfection. In our quest to find the best Tampa wedding photographer we could afford, we browsed through numerous websites and created a prioritized list of photographers. My wife and I also inquired from friends if they have someone in mind that does wedding photography in Tampa.

We checked out around 20 Tampa wedding photography shops and websites, and looked at their portfolios and pricing structure. From these, we picked out five companies that did wedding photography in Tampa and interviewed each one of them. The Tampa wedding photographer we chose was not the cheapest, but she definitely had the most creative ideas, is prompt to reply to emails and calls, well-mannered, and was very easy to work with. We used the same approach when choosing other suppliers. By comparing multiple vendors, we were able to find the best deals, and keep our expenses low.

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