Muscle Mass Tips-Gain Huge Muscles by NOT Over-Training

In every single article and web page I have created on bodybuilding/muscle gain, you will probably notice that no matter what the subject, I will at some point mention the extreme importance of plenty of quality rest, proper nutrition, etc..and for a very important reason:your body’s recuperation.

We train our bodies, and then they must recuperate to grow huge muscles so we get lot’s of rest and plenty of good, quality nutrients; right?

But at the same time many trainees either forget or just don’t realize is that even though over-training, or central nervous system fatigue, is certainly possible; it occurs far less often than many of them believe!
Many lifters simply have no idea just how much stress their bodies can tolerate or how quickly their bodies can recover.

A friend of mine named Kevin who was a professional body sculpting coach once told me: “How much muscle mass I can help you gain depends on how much pain you can endure”. Kevin knew he would be able to train me with the EXACT right workload, then ensure proper recuperation with lot’s of rest and nutrients; resulting in quickly gaining lean muscle.

So the real point which is being made here is that rarely is the body’s ability to handle punishment the real issue at hand. More often than not it is simply a factor of UNDER-RECOVERY which may be caused by a number of factors: not getting enough rest, training while sick, not eating enough, showing off lifting heavy weights, not taking care of minor aches/pains when they occur, not following a program which allows for tiny, yet consistent gains in strength/muscle.

And unfortunately, these are all VERY COMMON mistakes made by the majority of people trying to build huge muscles. If you take care of these problems and keep them in check; you will be seeing awesome gains in lean muscle mass in NO TIME!

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