Muscle Growth Workouts

Fast, healthy strong muscle growth is not a mirage. It’s very much a possibility and many fitness enthusiasts like you are making it their reality. If you already go to the gym or have a trainer and work-out regime going, then there are very few modifications you will need to achieve fast muscle growth. In case you’re a beginner; this article is still useful for you.

Exercises for each Muscle:

If you not training already then let me tell you about a few exercises and which muscles of your body the work on;

Flat Bench Press�
Incline Bench Press�
Flat Bench Dumbbell Flyes�
Incline Dumbbell Flyes

Lat Pulldown (or weighted pull ups)�
Seated Cable Row�
Bent Over Barbell Row�
Bent Over 1 Arm Dumbbell Rows

Standing Barbell Curls�
Preacher Curls (with dumbbells or barbells)�
Seated/Standing Dumbbell Curls

Triceps Press Down�
French Press

Calve Raises

Seated/Standing Military Press (with barbell or dumbbells)�
Lateral Raises�

Another important thing that you should know is that every time you work a certain set of muscles, there is also a secondary set that gets worked as well. For instance, every time you work your chest muscles or shoulder muscles, your triceps get a work out too. Similarly, every time you work your back muscles, your biceps get a workout. The main point here, then, is to create a balance. No muscle set should be overworked by consecutive work-outs, because then it will not get the required time to rest and consequently build-up the desired mass. The strategy to cope with this situation is to create ‘splits\’. Splits enable you to exercise one set of muscles along with the secondary muscles, then give them a collective rest while working a totally different set of muscles along with their secondary partners.

A possible routine may be:
Monday: Chest/Triceps�
Tuesday: rest�
Wednesday: Biceps/Back�
Thursday: rest�
Friday: Shoulders/Legs�
Saturday: rest�
Sunday: rest

Of course you can vary this, but don’t deviate from the basic theory. Also note that you should rest for 4 days and work out for 3 days. Resting more than you work out is critical to muscle growth.

Now for Faster Muscle Growth:

For faster muscle growth, the experts recommend the following:

1. Progressive Overload: this means that with every workout, you increase the size of the weights that you lift.

2. Lift Maximum: if you want to see fast muscle growth, lift to your maximum potential. Maximum potential means the greatest that you can lift without causing unusual or un-natural pain in your body. Be sure to have a trainer supervise you.

3. Exercise should be Short but Intense: keep your exercise routine short but intense. It should exhaust your full potential. For instance you should lift heavier weights, but reduce the number of reps.

4. Watch your Diet: diet is essential for healthy muscle growth. What you eat does indeed become a part of you. When going for fast muscle growth, ensure you take plenty of proteins. Taking a meal high in protein half an hour before the workout ensures that your body has a healthy supply of amino acids it can use to heal and build muscle from immediately once your work out is over.

5. Rest and Sleep: the breaks that you give between work-outs should increase as you increase the intensity of the work-outs. Similarly, you should increase your sleeping hours to maintain at least 8-10 a day. Otherwise your muscles won’t have ample time to heal or grow, resulting in muscle damage.

The routine that you make for achieving faster muscle should overhaul your entire work-out regime. From what you eat to how much you sleep. It’s not just about what happens in the gym, its also equally about what happens before and after the gym.

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