Muscle Growth Workouts for Skinny Guys ? What's Best?

Muscle growth workouts are different from just a regular ‘workout’ because you main focus is to build and grow the maximum amount of muscle you can in the shortest period of time. This means focusing on just the important parts of going from skinny to muscular and leaving all the other dross behind because you want to get ripped don’t you?

First up you have to lose your misconceptions of how to workout based on the second hand advice of those who really do not know what they are doing. You also should be wary of advice from guys who obviously have superior genetics in the muscle building department who may not know what it is like to be a hard gainer.

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For example:

Have you heard some guys heading to the gym every day to work on one muscle group? Monday arms, Tuesday chest, Wednesday legs and so on? This is a load of rubbish as overworking a muscle group does not get better results as there is a limit to how much muscle can be grown on a body part and importantly there is a point where your muscles growth has been activated to the fullest potential and continuing to lift does nothing but possibly injure yourself!

So let’s get the facts straight about muscle growth workouts!

� Lift heavy not light Intensity over endurance Once you activate muscle growth in one muscle group move on to the next. Don’t continue to punish your muscles Continue to add more weight or reps each week so you KNOW you are getting stronger. Remember that workouts are not everything! You also need rest and recover and a good diet to get you from skinny to muscle. Click to Get Best Effective Muscle Building System

More Muscle Building Exercises Tips:

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