Muscle Gain Workouts For The Skinny Guy!

Packing on some serious pounds of muscle for a skinny guy is no mean feat. In fact it can often feel like a losing battle – no matter how hard you try you just can’t seem to defeat your skinny genetics and get some head-turning muscle on them bones.

So you may well be surprised to know that one of the main reasons why skinny hardgainers struggle in their efforts to build muscle is that they’re following the wrong kind of workout plan for their body type.

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A quick glance by way of any bodybuilding magazine will show plenty of “advice” but is perfect for you? These guys are often catering to pro bodybuilders who are already HUGE and have probably never struggled to gain muscle. You require to follow a bodybuilding workout plan that’s created for skinny guys, which will maximise your chances of muscle building success.

Below I’ll show you a sample skinny guy workout routine that it is possible to begin using appropriate away, but very first I want to mention a few things which are fundamental to any workout achievement for skinny guys. These are:

Focus on multi-joint compound exercises
Use free weights instead of machines
Make sure the weight is heavy enough to allow 6-10 reps
Workout no more than 3-4 times per week
Adequate rest and recuperation
Workout with intensity
Track your progress
Change up your workouts every 4 weeks
Be disciplined and follow a great nutrition plan with high daily calories, spread over 6 meals per day.

By making the above tips part of your every day routines you will see much faster muscle growth, and better overall health. The key to any skinny guy workout plan is the use of compound exercises as these require multiple muscle groups to work at the same time which means more weight can be lifted, you suffer less fatigue and make your workouts faster.

Skinny Guy Workout Plan

Deadlifts 5-6 + 1-2 Reps for 3 + 1 Max Set

Bench Press 5-6 + 1-2 Reps for 3 + 1 Max Set

Shoulder Press super-setted with Upright Row 6-8 Reps for 2 Sets

Horizontal Row 5-6 + 1-2 Reps for 3 + 1 Max Set

Incline Curls super-setted with Dips 6-8 Reps for 3 Sets

Shrugs 8-10 Reps for 3 Sets

The above skinny guy workout routine need to not be performed two days in a row (always allow at least a full day’s rest in between workouts in order to maximise your body’s recovery time and let the muscles develop). Muscle growth happens when we are rested not when we are active so make rest as important as working out.

The Max Sets I’ve included may be missed by beginners as they’re for slightly more advanced folks who need to break via their muscle building plateau. Likewise the “super-sets” (performing two exercises back-to-back) might be ignored by beginners.

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