Muscle Gain Workout Program-Compound Exercises Are the Key to Muscle Gain

Compound exercises with free weights are the true and only effective tools to gain muscle. A muscle gain workout program worth of its name must prescribe these exercises as the foundation if not the whole building of its layout.
Isolation exercises with cables or machines will not work. They may be included in a workout program only once optimal mass has been reached.

Bodybuilding is full of workout routines focused on multiple sets per muscle, because this is what most professional bodybuilders do and people look up to them as an inspiration and a source of muscle building knowledge. The reality is that those workout programs cannot possibly work for the vast majority of people. Regular guys, skinny guys and women do not have the same growth and recovery abilities of the bodybuilders they see in magazines, either for genetic reasons or artificial help.

For most people, a muscle gain workout program is not a matter of working out every day for 2 hours in the gym, breaking number of sets and attendance records. Initially, most people do experience a little muscle and strength gains even out of this approach, but this is only because untrained muscles respond to anything you throw at them. Very soon the limitations of these popular workout routines become apparent, with trainees giving up and no muscle gain to show for.

In order to build muscle mass, only squats, dead lifts, bench presses, military presses, barbell rows, pull ups, parallel dips and so on will work. Forget about cable crossovers, lateral raises, bicep curls and so on. These are specific isolation exercises that do not tax your body hard enough to spur growth because of their limited impact. No muscle is large enough to trigger muscle gains, even if worked out with 10 to 20 sets, except for legs.

It is much better restricting the working sets to a minimum for each muscle group but working out all or most of them in one single routine or two at most. A full body workout in one session or split in two will have all your muscles worked out in a short time, causing a shock to your nervous system and body. The normal response to such a draining effort will be an increase in hormonal output, namely testosterone, and a consequent increase in muscle mass all over.

Focusing on single muscle groups in marathon workouts is a mistake, even more so if performed with light isolation exercises requiring the action of just one joint. Compound exercises, as the name implies, require the action of two joints, like shoulders and elbows for the top body and hips and knees for legs. For leverage and anatomical reasons it is possible to lift much greater weights, involving the use of different muscles at the same time.

Pull ups call for the action of lats, traps and biceps, bench and military presses for the action of pectorals, deltoids and triceps, squats for the action of quads, hamstrings, gluteus, trapezius and arms. Perform just few working sets for each of these exercises and you will have your whole body covered and worked out to exhaustion, triggering testosterone production and muscle building.

An effective muscle gain workout program for most people must include compound exercises as the core of its plans. Bodybuilding workout routines so devised are effective for everyone, while high volume split routines are so only for few selected ones, either genetic freaks or artificially assisted.� �

If you are a regular or skinny guy and want to gain weight and build muscle fast and naturally, you need short, high intensity compound workouts two or three times a week, not endless split routines.


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