Muscle Building Technique

If you’re interested in muscle building and you’re not a complete beginner you need to start incorporating a variety of techniques and strategies besides just trying to add more weight to the bar.

Here is one of my favorite, and most effective,�muscle building techniques for triggering massive muscle growth.

Partial Rep Training

There are a number of ways to do partial reps.

In this case however, I’m talking about the most effective way.

When performing your partial reps, you should do them in a short six to eight inch range of motion in the semi-stretched position of an exercise.

What do I mean by semi-stretched? Exactly that.

Perform the partials in the part of the rep where the muscle is elongated or in the semi-stretched position.

Here are some examples.

Near the bottom of a bench press. The area of the rep right above the chest would be the semi-stretched position.
Right before the bottom of an incline dumbbell curl. Right before you hit the bottom of the rep you would lift the weight again, but only for a short range of motion.
Right before the bottom of an overhead tricep extension.

As you can see, the semi-stretched position occurs right before the bottom of a rep in any exercise that causes the muscle to stretch.

This area triggers what is known as the myotatic reflex. Basically, you recruit more muscle fibers in this position.

You can incorporate these partials in a number of different ways.

You could take a set to regular positive failure and then crank out as many partial reps as you can in this position.

You could do a set of partial only reps after your normal full range reps.

You could incorporate it into each rep.

For example, using the bench press, you would lower the bar, lift it only about ten inches, lower it again and then lift it all the way up. That would be one rep.

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