Making a Successful, Panda Friendly Website

If you’re thinking of working on some SEO tactics, Google’s latest updates mean you need to make sure those tweaks are Panda friendly. While many spend their time moaning about their SEO efforts being wasted, your only course of action is to re-work your efforts so you get the results you want. You might find that you’re uncertain about some of the alterations you need to make, which is quite normal. However, Google has been very open about their updates. Google frequently publish blog posts with helpful SEO hints to improve your results. If you use Google Webmaster, then they will tell you what’s wrong if you were slapped down. This article will look at three things you can do to increase the Panda friendliness of your site.

Before we look at changing anything, let’s first look at one reason why Google might penalize your site. If you have lots of good pages on your site, but you have just one that Panda doesn’t like, this could mean trouble. What they will do in that case is penalize your entire site over one page. The content you use needs to be good quality and unique to your site wherever you can. For any pages you have that fit this description, rewrite them or delete them completely. At a bare minimum, shoot for at least 400 words of content on each page. Personally, I try to aim for content longer than 450 words wherever I can.

Panda has affected many areas, but one of the more prominent is backlinking. Naturally, Google wants you to get backlinks because people like your content. This isn’t new, but Panda has seen the quality and type of backlinks come under scrutiny. They actually notice the quality of incoming links to your site.

Some things taken into account include the PR of the site linking to your, whether the link comes from an authority site or not, or if all your backlinks come from link farms or link wheels. There is also an emphasis on how natural your link building strategy appears. This becomes much easier if you use useful, informative, high quality content. If you can update or provide this type of content, others will automatically start linking to it.

You might already be aware how important back linking is, but Panda now deems it a critical element. Your backlinking efforts should be targeting a variety of site types with varying Page Rank. Google Panda actually takes into account how natural your backlinking efforts appear, so make them seem organic if you can with different sources. If possible, try to use some social media in your attempts too. Don’t overdo one particular tactic, but spread out your efforts. After you’ve done all this, look for ways to get links from sites with good PR and some authority sites. And be sure to include a few back links from sites with a zero PR, as these help Google recognize your efforts as being more natural. There are a lot of content implications associated with a Panda friendly website; try to not be intimidated by them. The thing that matters is that people who try to game the system or who are lazy are going to run into troubles. If you run your business in a professional manner, you’ll see that all of this is pretty easy. Finally yet importantly, employing reliable, fast and economical web hosting is very crucial for your online business … if you already decided to get web hosting services from Godaddy, you should redeem Godaddy promo code for further concession.

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