New TPX H2 from Louisville features an exclusive 1-piece design that bonds the ST+20 barrel and new exclusive 3X full composite handle & transition area seamlessly providing outstanding performance of a 1 piece stiff handle design. H2 Hybrid design uses a full 3x composite handle and transition area (100%) allowing for an even stiffer handle than Exogrid. New -10 Power Hitter H2 bat for the bigger stronger player who likes a stiff handle design.

Building off the success of Exogrid, H2 Technology is the next step in optimizing the Composite/Alloy Hybrid Design. The barrel section of H2 is constructed of the industry leading St+20 alloy providing outstanding strength and toughness, greater performance, feel and sound that top college and HS players demand. A lighter/stiffer handle/transition area means a longer barrel and sweet spot. A stiffer handle produces more barrel flex resulting in maximum trampoline effect and ultimately greater performance.ybxh25

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