The Exogrid concept is simple: increase handle stiffness without increasing weight.

Stiff is good – Stiffer is even better. The last thing you want at the moment of contact is for your bat handle to flex. When the handle flexes, the barrel can’t. That reduces your trampoline effect. A stiff handle produces more barrel flex, resulting in maximum trampoline effect and, ultimately, greater performance.

Exclusive Exogrid Bi/Fusion process
Using a combination of heat and extreme pressure, the sleeve, inserts and metal wall are bonded to function as a single, solid unit.

Carbon Composite Inserts
Metal is trimmed in a grid pattern, then replaced with carbon composite inserts that are several times stronger and lighter than the metal they replace.

Internal Carbon Composite Sleeve
The heart of the Exogrid is the carbon sleeve, which provides greater handle stiffness than aluminum alone ever could. Unidirectional fibers run the full length of the handle.

A new dimension in performance technology.
ST+20 alloy/composite hybrid
2 1/4″ barrel
Patented Pro Cup end cap
Synthetic grip, 7/8″ standard handle
1 year warrantyybxex

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