The unique 3-piece design of the TPS Triton allows the barrel and handle to be designed and built as individual units. The transition bubble area brings everything together to function as a more advanced 1-piece bat.

THE BUBBLE TRANSITION ZONE adds strength to the handle and transition area.� The handle is made even stiffer and stronger with the addition of the Bubble Transition Zone.� The Bubble Transition optimizes the relationship between the barrel and handle, making a stiffer and stronger bat.� Our exclusive computer-designed pattern precisely positions the angles of graphite layers, resulting in an extra-long barrel with a huge sweet spot and outstanding performance.� BT Zone completes a 1-piece bond.� 
BT Zone functions as the bonding of the barrel and handle and provides a stiffer handle and transition.
3X Composite design
Bubble transition zone
Balanced swing weight
Louisville Slugger end cap
Synthetic grip, 7/8″ standard handlefpxt8-big

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