Long Islanda Daycare – Busy Bees Levittown NY

Daycare Long Island

We welcome all future Parents that are looking for a secure place to trust with their precious child.

A place where your kids will feel like his or her second home.  Not only they will learn how to play, share and be with other children of the same age but at the same time they are educated in a fun way about numbers, alphabet, colors and the different shapes that are the basic knowledge to prepare them for pre-K.

Also those kids that need our care after school and during summer vacation while their parents are at work.

At the same time we welcome those children that trust and enjoy life that are anxious to discover a world of play, learning and have new experiences through art, music, singing and crafts that without a doubt will help them grow and be more creative human beings in a very competent world.

We believed that a healthy and happy child reflects the emotional balance of the parents home and family. In a simple pleasant and educational environment we make them feel secure, love and care for, as this was their second home .

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