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Long Island Certified CITP

Premier Accounting Concepts is a business and accounting software consulting company with a passion for the efficiency of your business.   With a unique expertise in accounting and technology we can help you identify and develop technology solutions to improve the way you do business.

Along with our in-depth knowledge of software applications, we possess years of invaluable practical CPA and CFO experience with multi-million dollar companies.  This is our driving force, giving us the unsurpassed ability to find and implement the best solutions for your business.

Today’s businesses must be lean.  Systems and processes must operate in the most efficient and effective manner possible.   As business processes become more dependent on technology, it is essential to have a trusted advisor that can bridge the gap between your business operations and today’s ever changing technology.

It’s this winning combination of knowledge, experience and passion that make Premier the right choice for your business.

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A Certified Information Technology Professional (CITP) is a Certified Public Accountant recognized for his or her unique ability to provide business insight by leveraging knowledge of information relationships and supporting technologies. Unlike other certifications that recognize on a wide scope of skills, the CITP credential is an accounting professional that focuses on information assurance and management, making a CPA among the most trusted business advisor.

The CITP credential is predicated on the fact that in today’s complex business environment, technology plays an ever increasing role in how organizations meet their business obligations, and that no single professional has a more comprehensive understanding of those obligations than a Certified Public Accountant. An increasingly competitive global marketplace has organizations clamoring for better information assurance or additional business insight.  While IT professionals have the technical expertise necessary to ensure that IT hardware is secure or technology solutions are properly deployed, they lack the CPA’s perspective and ability to understand the complicated business implications and risks associated with technology.

Accounting Software Selection

One of the most important decisions you can make for your growing business is choosing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that allows you total control, integration, connectivity, and visibility of every facet of your company.  A successful ERP system should offer specialized modules that address individual departmental needs, as well as the full connectivity for departments to view and share information and communicate with each other, enabling your business to achieve optimal performance.

Accounting Software Implementation

Software implementation encompasses all the processes involved in getting your software up and running properly in its environment, including installation, configuration, running, testing, and making necessary changes.

Project Management

A smooth implementation requires thorough planning and execution.  We monitor and control each stage of the project to ensure your project stays on track.

Business Process Review

A business process review documents your current business processes and identifies problems or opportunities for improvement.

Custom Report Writing

We develop custom reports to suit your specific needs using various tools such as Crystal Reports and F9.  We can program your reports to run automatically and be delivered right to your e-mail inbox, helping you make timely, informed business decisions.

Support Services

We provide expert Sage MAS 90 and MAS 200 support on both technical and accounting-related issues. Support agreements are custom tailored for your business.


Get the most out of your software investment.  We provide web-based and onsite training for Sage MAS 90 and MAS 200, QuickBooks and Microsoft Office applications.  We design custom training sessions to meet your company’s needs.

The CITP credential demonstrates the ability to leverage technology to effectively manage information while ensuring the data’s reliability, security, accessibility and relevance.

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