Lean Muscle Diet Tips

Lean Muscle Diet Tips

When looking to gain muscle mass we all know you need to eat more throughout the day to help your body build and repair muscle tissue. But let�s take a bigger view of the situation; why are you bulking up? I would imagine all of you are saying I want bigger muscles, I want LEAN muscle gain but none of your are thinking I want to gain �weight� in the form of muscle AND fat.

As none of us want to gain fat when bulking, if possible, our diet must reflect this with planned meals that enable the body to gain lean muscle mass whilst limiting the amount of unwanted fat gain. This also has the added benefit that it will be much easier to lose any unwanted bodyfat so that you can cut down and have a lean, muscular physique.

The first point to make is that when bulking we must eat more calories throughout the day. After the amount of calories has been decided the diet must be made up of a balance of carbohydrates, protein and fat, usually in the region of 50% 30% 20% respectively.

Not just what we eat, but how and when we eat will also affect our lean muscle and/or fat gain. For example the majority of your carbohydrates can be eaten around your workout to give you energy and also increase the uptake of nutrients to enhance muscle gain. However at other periods during the day it may be beneficial to decrease the amount of calories you gain from the carbohydrates you eat to decrease fat storage.

Let�s now take a look at what a sample daily meal plan would look like. I have placed the workout at around 5 or 6 o�clock as this is when most people will train, however you can change the pre workout meal and the post workout shake to fit around your workout if it is at a different time.

Sample Lean Muscle Gain Diet Plan

60g Oats
Protein Shake
EFA (Fish Oil/Flaxseed etc)

Lots of carbohydrates are need in the morning to give you energy and to kick start your system to uptake nutrients. A protein shake is also a fast acting source of protein to help your muscles start recovering after many hours without food. The fat in this meal comes from a very good source in the form of a �good fat� supplement, or this can be substituted for almonds.

Mid-Morning Snack
Chicken Breast
30g Wholegrain Rice (dry weight)
Flaxseed Oil/Almonds

This meals contains slow release carbohydrates, protein to build muscle and good fats.

400g Sweet Potato
Turkey Breast Fillet
Almonds/EFA Supplement

Pre Workout
90g Wholegrain Rice/Oats
Chicken/Turkey Breast/Protein Shake
Almonds/Peanuts/EFA Supplement
Creatine�or Nitric Oxide Supplement

The pre-workout meal is vital, as it will ensure you have plenty of energy for your training. Lots of carbohydrates are included with a healthy serving of protein as with every meal, and fat for even more energy.

Included in this meal is your creatine or nitric oxide supplement to boost your performance to levels that food alone cannot reach. If choosing a nitric oxide supplement I would recommend one with creatine included.

Post Workout Shake
Weight Gain Supplement (making up roughly 60g carbs, 30g protein and some fat)

Lean Steak
EFA Supplement/Almonds

This meal includes high levels of protein and fat, but the carbohydrates are limited as they are not needed here. The green vegetables will provide nutrients and slow release carbohydrates (of which there are minimal amounts). Again fat is included in every meal (and limited post workout).

As you can see the amount of carbohydrates, protein and fat varies throughout the day to ensure most muscle gain with minimal fat gain. Of course when bulking up you should expect some fat gain but making sure you eat the right nutrients at the right time can reduce this.

Eating the right amount of calories with this type of diet plan should help you gain the lean muscle you want (of course I can�t say �will� as there are many other factors involved). Following a diet similar to this will put you on the right path to the results you desire!

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