Lean Hybrid Muscle – Fat Loss Muscle Gain Diet

Bodybuilding is developing the body through exercise and diet. Thus, proper diet should be given importance. Since nutrition plays an important role in muscle gain, fat loss and weight training. We often try a lot of diet plans available simply thinking that this might be the best diet. So one must be careful in choosing fat lose muscle gain diets.

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The basic principles of nutrition stay the same regardless of your goals, age, sex or physical condition. The difference however will lie in meal sizes and proportions of macronutrients in meals.

Have 5 or more small to medium-sized meals throughout the day. Drink more than 8 cups of water everyday. Get at least 25% of daily calories from proteins, 20-40% from carbohydrates and 20-40% calories from fats. Eat minimally processed and cooked foods, it is best to eat a lot of raw vegetables. Avoid meals that are heavy in carbohydrates or fats. Also avoid sweets and sugary foods, processed foods, fried foods, junk foods and alcohol.

Best protein sources are lean meats, poultry, fish, cottage cheese and eggs. Beans, lentils, other legumes, and nuts contain fair amount of protein and should become especially significant sources of protein for vegetarians. Most of your carbohydrate intake should come from fibrous vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. Green veggies such as green beans, broccoli, and spinach are nearly perfect carb sources. Plain oats, brown rice, and other whole grains and legumes are also terrific complex carb sources.

The same way as you give importance to your diet you must also consider the proper exercise to do in maintaining fat loss. A steady, consistent and daily approach will prevent the agony of short-term weight loss followed by a quick regain of weight and the accompanying depression and feeling of hopelessness. Training and eating like a bodybuilder works, can become a habit and eventually give you a real sense of happiness and satisfaction.

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