Ionamin and its effect on weight

Cathy is a typical overweight person. Her height is just 5 feet 2 inches and she weighs a whopping 80 Kg. 40 years old, she was not always like this. At half her current age, she was in college and had the perfect figure. Her beautiful facial features are hidden by the double chin that she has today.

She met her husband Harry at the college prom. They came with different dates, but left together. They were instantly attracted to each other and soon began dating each other. After successfully passing college, they quickly got themselves new jobs and got married within 6 months. Within 2 years Cathy was the mother of 2 children. While motherhood was truly bliss, there was a price to pay for it.

She was almost 20 kg overweight. Try as she might, she found it difficult to shed that weight. She tried the latest diets, and light exercise, but all this to no avail. All her attempts to loose weight had no effect on Harry, who was beginning to lose interest in her. After 10 years of marriage, he moved in with his attractive slim secretary. He told Cathy, that he was fed up of sleeping with a big bob of jelly.

Cathy was left all alone with 2 children to take care of. The whole experience left her strained and extremely depressed. She soon began to binge on food. Her weight increased even further. She was unaware of the danger to her health until something terrible happened. One evening, on the way back home from work, Cathy was driving, when she felt a major headache .

Very soon, she began to feel very tired. She immediately stopped the car and before she knew it, she was unable to move her left hand. She was just able to dial 911 and ask for help , before falling unconscious. Her call saved life. A police car was immediately intimated and soon she was taken to hospital. Doctors immediately brought her back to consciousness. She was diagnosed with a stroke.

Doctor told her later that it was due to fat deposition in her arteries.They had narrowed and finally in one artery supplying blood to the brain, there had been a blockage and this had led to the stroke. Cathy was immediately put on therapy to treat her condition. She also had temporarily lost control of the left side of her body. It took several weeks of physiotherapy , before she was able to use the left side of her body effectively. Cathy left hospital with the firm resolution that she would loose weight.

She soon began to diet and then exercise. But because of her stroke, there were restrictions on her exercise routine. She was soon frustrated by her in-ability to lose much weight. After many frustrating attempts her doctor finally prescribed Ionamin for her . She tried it along with weight loss and limited exercise and to her surprise she lost 1 kg in the very first month itself. Over a period of 10 months she eventually lost 25 kg and has never looked back. Today she is the epitome of great health. Get more information on Ionamin Diet Pills. Slimtour provides information on free weight loss tips, weight loss programs and ionamin diet pills for weight loss.

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