Ideal Body Weight Tips

There seems to be a huge gap between what women think their ideal body weight is as apposed to what the number is according to a doctor. When you look at your height and your build, the number of pounds that are healthy for you is probably a higher number than you are shooting for if you are dieting. I know that the weight I seem to think is what I want is indeed lower than what my doctor is telling me. There is a difference between how you think you want to look in clothing and what is healthy for the maintenance of good health and longevity.

There are many charts online that can give you an idea of what your ideal body weight might be. You have to put in your height and your age, and possibly a few more details. I am five foot eight inches, and the chart tells me that my ideal body weight is around 150 pounds, but I often think that I need to be somewhere between 130 and 140 pounds to feel good about my body. However, I do realize that as long as I am healthy that I am doing the right thing, and if that last ten or so pounds are not a problem for my doctor then perhaps I shouldn�t stress about it too much.

When you ideal body weight and your vision of your body don�t match, you have to think about why that is. I don�t mean when you think you want to be a few pounds lower than your ideal body weight, I mean when you are trying to be thirty or more pounds lower. This is not healthy for you, and you have to come to grips with the body you have. If you don�t, you may end up with an eating disorder. You may want to take some time to talk to your doctor or a nutritionist to see what is going on with you, and what you can do to be healthier rather than thinner.

Remember that you ideal body weight has more to do with health then anything else. This means that the weight that is ideal for you is one that is good for your heart and your long term health. This has nothing to do with how you will look in a swimming suit, but the closer you are to this ideal body weight you are, the better you are going to look. You may not think it�s perfect, but it is important to know that your ideal weight will help ensure you are around to watch your children and your grandchildren grow up.

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