HRD D-Screen/Case

D-Screen: A Compact Practical, and Affordable Test for Synthetic and Color Treated Diamonds

The recently developed High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) process is now being usedThe D-Screen from HRD tests for HPHT Synthetic and Color Treated Diamonds to grow synthetic diamonds in the laboratory and to remove the color from yellow and brown natural diamonds

Well-equipped gemological labs have the sophisticated equipment to conclusively determine if a stone is synthetic or has undergone HPHT treatment. The equipment to do this is far too expensive for any retailer or diamond dealer. But now, the D-Screen, developed by the HRD (the Belgian Diamond High Council) in Antwerp, is a compact, affordable, practical, easy-to-use screening device for synthetic or HPHT diamonds. It can distinguish all kinds of synthetic diamonds, including CVD-manufactured diamonds. It will quickly tell you which diamonds are definitely neither treated nor synthetic, and which diamonds should undergo closer examination by a grading lab. The D-Screen makes it determination based on the optical transmission through the polished stone at deep UV wavelengths. It tests D through J color diamonds measuring from 0.2 to 10 carats.

Operation is really simple: Turn the instrument on and watch it perform its self-check. Then simply place a polished diamond over the sensor, close the cover, and in a few seconds the D-Screen gives its reading. Green means the diamond can definitely be considered natural and not color enhanced; yellow indicates that the stone should be sent to a gem lab for more elaborate testing. Stones can be tested almost as fast as you can place them into the unit. To save power the unit shuts itself off automatically after five minutes.

The stylish and compact (1.6″W x 2.0″H x 5.9″D) D-Screen is barely larger than a stapler, so it’s perfect for use in your office, showroom, or on the road. It operates on 110-230 Volts with the supplied adapter or on a 9 Volt battery, and comes with an attractive carrying case for complete portability. It is covered by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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HRD D-Screen/Case

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