How to Choose Best Proteins for Muscle Building

There were some uncertain conclusions about what proteins are having strongest impact on lean muscle growth. You may have your own experience about this but I tell you I just got fed up with ignorance on this subject. I do not care for ignorant guys who do not want to advance but I do care about thousands of people investing great deal of time and energy in order to build muscle mass and get rid of that fat but they are being misguided. As you know for sure, this is very important topics and it requires clear knowledge and action on that basic.

One recent study compared milk (diary protein) with soy protein. Both proteins were taken from highest quality supplements and under strict scientific conditions procedures of analyzes were focused on getting best results possible. Results clearly showed that for gaining new tissue (muscle mass), milk proteins beat soy hands down.

Are you familiar with the term “protein kinetics”? I will try to give you the short definition here. It represents the mixture or “flux” of amino acids incorporated into the muscle in order to create new protein.

So, that protein kinetics is measured in following way: two groups of young man with balanced muscular and cardio-vascular qualities are controlled before and after their workout routines.

Complete check out is done focused on the arterial-venous amino acid balance and muscle fractional synthesis rates within the thigh muscles of young men before and after they consumed milk and/or a soy protein supplement after a workout routine. The group which used milk – diary protein is measured to have much higher levels of synthesis of muscle protein. Results also showed clear indication that milk protein (when regularly used) in diet plan of a athlete gives up to 100% bigger lean muscle gain from those measured in the group which used soy protein.

We all have choices to make and therefore better we make best ones. When I started to train I had great difficulties to gain lean muscle and every time seeing those huge guys in the gym was so irritating experience. Their massive gains due to steroid use and their egoistic behavior “forced” many boys and girls to start following their example. In last 10 years I visited and couched people in over 200 gyms and it is ugly face of reality that almost each gym I visited has similar “steroid beast fan club” gathering. Nice thing is fact that last few years more and more people (especially young man and women) take to natural approach to muscle building (like our nononsense) and this is just great. Power of information’s age is giving us chance to benefit so much. But real value is often difficult to find in whatever aspect of our life so it is the same with fitness and muscle building. Therefore I invite you to carefully check your options.

Sasha James
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