How Mixed Wrestling Came to Be?

Mixed wrestling goes way back to the 1950’s.  It may seem unimaginable for many to see women in the ring fighting not only other women wrestlers, but also male wrestlers.  These women in the fifties who jumped into the ring helped pave the way for one of the most popular sports of today and that is mixed wrestling.

Promoters have done their homework and now cater to the female audiences as well.  Women today not only aim for the championships, but some even jump in and compete for the men’s titles as well.  Mixed wrestling has proven that women and girls are more than just sugar and spice, they can also kick ass!

The rules for mixed wrestling have changed a little over the years.  A man and a woman can no longer wrestle with one another in a tag team match.  In an event that a male tags his female teammate, the opposing male must also tag his female teammate so that the two females duke it out on the ring.  This new rule is enforced to let everyone see that women can more than take care of themselves and not because it leans towards being unfair towards women.

Women have also made sure that mixed wrestling does not overwhelm their femininity and beauty.  The World Wrestling Entertainment or WWE dub their women as Divas.  Divas are women who are not only beautiful, but they can kick both a man and a woman’s butt.  A lot of these women, even from outside the WWE circles, manage their own mixed wrestling wrestlers and companies.

The wonderful world of mixed wrestling will continue to b a very popular sport.  It will always be interesting and a fun affair for all those involved.  Of course there will new rules and regulations but overall the developments will always be interesting and fun to watch out for.  In the long run more men and women will continue to get involved in this sport.  So whether if the mixed wrestling sport is from a famous promoter or company or some the lesser known independent promoter, mixed wrestling is sport that everyone will certainly enjoy as long as they are into the wrestling industry.

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