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Hot Pockets, which come frozen, are often known for being packaged with a crisping sleeve. The material within sleeve converts microwave energy into heat in order to crisp the crust, which is usually penetrated by microwaves. The sleeves, branded “Qwik Crisp” (like most crisping papers) and now under pen name “Crisp & Carry!”, are common in most Hot Pockets varieties. Recent Hot Pockets Subs brands have refrained from using such crispers, as some sandwiches are said to be soft-baked. On the back they say Crisp and Crunch.

Hot Pockets came under fire recently for using cheese that contained meat. The courts found in favor of the food maker citing that “Hot Pockets does not claim to offer a vegetarian solution, and as such including meat in the spinach and cheese pocket is perfectly legal.”

Recently, Hot Pockets began introducing whole grain crusts, following a trend of many convenience product purveyors offering lower carbohydrate choices.

Wow does innovation taste good.

There are many good contributions in sandwich history. Over the past decade, in the frozen hand-held food and snacks category, we’re proud to have contributed quite a few of them ourselves. Here are a few of our faves:

2001/02 LEAN POCKETS® brand wake up the world with sandwiches for Breakfast. We’re talking delicious scrambled eggs and cheese with either bacon, ham or sausage. Nice.
2003 LEAN POCKETS® brand tips our sombreros to Mexican-style varieties. Here we introduce Mexican flavors wrapped in a corn tortilla flavored crust.
2005 LEAN POCKETS® brand SUBS. Oh happy day. Now we’re making premium sub sandwiches featuring soft baked bread and your favorite sub shop flavors
2005 Cheese please. LEAN POCKETS® brand varieties become even better-tasting with “crispier, cheesier crust”. Craziness.
2006 Take a number people. LEAN POCKETS® brand varieties now feature delicious deli-style thin sliced meats.
2007 Good grains it’s LEAN POCKETS® brand Made with Whole Grain. A tender crust with a good source of fiber and topped with whole grains, and 6-8 grams of fat per serving makes eating well on the go a go!


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