Home Inspection Queens Safe Harbor

Your satisfaction is guaranteed 200% percent! If you are not satisfied with your inspection (and you let us know within 24 hours), Safe Harbor Inspections, Inc will not only return 100 percent of your inspection fee, we will also pay an equivalent fee for another qualified inspector to re-inspect the subject property.

877-347-9081 – For your largest investment, you deserve the best inspection


Buyers: A property inspection report will give you a solid grasp of the current condition of your future investment. Let our thorough inspection shine some light on your prospective property before you make a major commitment. This will let you know about any defects or needed repairs ahead of time and can give you more negotiating power. Avoid any unpleasant surprises ahead of time by getting a home inspection.

Sellers: Getting an inspection will provide you with better awareness of what you are selling. Not only will you know more about possible issues that may exist, but it will better prepare you for how to handle a prospective buyer and what they may try and use as leverage during the sale. This will allow you and your Real Estate agent to better plan how you will approach issues that may arise as the exchange progresses. Getting a home inspection before you list your home gives you the advantage of knowing about any defects ahead of time. That way you’re not trying to hire a contractor or repairman at the last minute to repair something that may not need to be repaired.

Newly Constructed Homes: You will want to get an inspection no more than six months after purchasing the home. Then you can have any defects or repairs addressed by the builder before your new home warranty expires. This will save you from a great deal of out of pocket expenses for repairs.

Safe Harbor Inspections Inc. is local owner operated company. James Ruppert, Collin Ruppert, Tom Baccarella and Anthony Padula perform all inspections and write all reports. Safe Harbor Inspections Inc. carries Errors and Omissions and Liability insurance.


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