is Committed to the Highest Quality Products and the Highest Standards of Customer Service

As a top provider of LED lighting, fluorescent light fixtures, tools, electrical supplies, DataComm products, test and measurement meters, safety products and HVAC products to commercial and industrial markets, is committed to the highest quality products and the highest standards of customer service. A major part of that commitment also means offering customers cost-saving solutions that have the added benefit of saving the environment. Says Max Hoover (President), “As successful marketers and concerned environmentalists, we, at, consider educating our customers energy saving LED lighting options such as LED bulbs, LED light fixtures and LED under cabinet task lighting, our corporate responsibility.”

Why LED Products?

“It used to be that LED products were the choice of only hard-core environmentalists and high-end designers. But today, everyone has gotten the message,” says Hoover. “LED products use nearly 80% less energy than incandescent lighting which translates into major savings for businesses and consumers.”

In fact, LED lights typically last ten times longer than incandescent lights. With LED lighting, maintenance costs are lowered merely from less frequent bulb changes. And while incandescent lights greatly contribute to higher power demands and emissions, LED lighting helps to significantly reduce greenhouse gases.

Additionally, LED lighting products are ideal for a wide range of applications such as task lighting under kitchen cabinets, holiday lighting, pendant lighting, recessed lighting, outdoor lighting, and even for retail displays.

Says Max Hoover, “LED lighting products leave businesses and consumers with much smaller energy bills, and leave the planet with a much smaller carbon footprint. Basically, it’s a win-win.” is owned and operated by Good Offices Technology Partners, LLC. The company sells good and services to commercial facility owners and operators. Their mission is to save their customers money as well as help their customers to preserve the environment.

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