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Folgers® Classic Roast is
made from Mountain Grown® beans, the world’s
richest and most aromatic.
This Folgers mainstay is
aroma roasted and specially
ground, and is also
available in a
Decaffeinated version.

What’s new about the Folgers coffee roasting process?

The enhanced roasting process now preconditions Folgers coffee beans prior to roasting, which helps to reduce bean moisture and improve roasting consistency. Folgers coffee is then roasted with just the right amount of heat to develop the rich, pure coffee taste. The enhanced technology ensures that Folgers consistently delivers rich, pure Mountain Grown® taste cup after cup.

Why did Folgers change the roasting process? What are the benefits of this enhancement?

Folgers enhanced the roasting process to create an even more consistent taste and aroma in each cup. The new process uses each bean to its full potential, which also reduces packaging weight and saves a significant amount of energy.

Why has Folgers reduced the size of its Classic Roast Canisters? Does each Canister provide the same number of cups of coffee?

Though the weight has been slightly reduced, you still get the same number of servings in each Canister. With the enhanced roasting process, you draw more coffee flavor consistently from every bean, and therefore, use the bean to its full potential. While the packed net weight of Classic and Decaf will be slightly reduced, the volume will remain the same and consumers will still get the same number of cups in each Canister, and thus the same value.

Which Folgers products use the enhanced roasting process?

Our enhanced roasting technology is currently used for our Classic Roast and most Folgers Canister varieties. We are currently exploring the possibility of adding this new technology to the manufacturing process of other products in the Folgers portfolio.

Has the taste of my Folgers coffee changed?

The new enhanced roasting process means each bean is roasted with care to fully reach its flavor potential and consistently provide the rich, pure Mountain Grown taste you love in every cup.

Do I need to prepare my Folgers coffee differently?

No, prepare Folgers the same way as always.

Folgers coffee is the coffee of choice for many people. The coffee is smooth, rich and tasty. The Folgers coffee coupons are good for free samples, money off or a combination. Many times the newspaper advertisements, magazines and even online stores have coupons for Folgers coffee. In store and online stores offer free samples so you can try the coffee before buying it. Since Folgers brand coffee is so popular, there are always free give a ways and promotions. All you need to do is find the samples, promotions and coupons for your coffee needs.

Free Samples

You can find many coupons for a free sample of Folgers coffee. These coupons are located online and in printed materials. You can send in for the samples or the Folgers coffee coupons and redeem them at a store near you. The samples are usually for a full cup or pot of coffee. This gives you a chance to try some of the newer flavors before you decide if that is the taste you are looking for or not. In most cases, the free samples come with a coupon for so much money off your next purchase. The samples in stores or online usually have an expiration date, but more promotional free samples follow soon after.

Coupons and Discounts

Very rarely do you see discounted coffee products because the product moves so quickly. The coupons will save you money on many different flavors of coffee. You can find coupons for cents off or dollars off. When you add these coupons to store sales on Folgers, you will save even more. You can also use the coupons at stores that have double coupon days. The coupons just make it easier for you to get the coffee you love and enjoy a little cheaper.

The Folgers Coffee Club

You can join the Wake Up Club by Folgers and get exciting news a few times a year. You will be entitled to coupons, promotional give a ways and free samples. The club has many advantages for coffee drinkers. When new products come out, you will be the first to know. If they are offering free samples then you will get those notices right in your email account. You will enjoy the benefits of belonging to the Wake Up Club. There are many rewards for joining the Folgers coffee club.

If you need any Folgers coffee coupons, you can find them online or in printed materials, but you can also join the club and receive coupons when they become available. If you want free samples, you can look at area stores or online at participating stores. Grocery stores and retail stores such as Walgreen’s and Wal-Mart often offer free samples of Folgers coffee. With so many promotions and new flavors coming all the time, you want to make sure that you are on the list to receive the coupons for money off and free samples. All you have to do is join the Wake Up Club and start receiving your coupons and other promotional campaigns right away.

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