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The development of IRIS V2.0 has been the result of a collaboration between hundreds of existing members and the IRIS development team. We have had numerous webinars, conference calls and taken literally hundreds of suggestions throughout 2010. We have performed extensive research on all of the major Point-of-Sale systems for florists on the market and examined the possible design flaws in both interface layout and function. By listening to the needs of our florists, it was our goal to bring you quite possibly the best Point-of-Sale system available.

Software design has remained quite stagnant for a long period of time and if you pay close attention, you will see a striking similarity between most Point-of-Sale systems on the market.

It was our goal to bring you a fresh new concept and approach to a Point-of-Sale system. Although IRIS V2.0 is a radical change and veers off from what would be classified as the “norm”, we believe IRIS brings a new dynamic experience to Point-of-Sale usage. IRIS is the first of it’s kind, offering slick animated menus and controls coupled with superior touch screen capabilities for a truly next generation feel.

IRIS V2.0 is the first POS system that allows you to access nearly all order entry functions from the same interface without the need to jump from screen to screen as well as offering up to four different ways to enter products into a transaction in order to accommodate different user preferences. Most systems on the market either do not allow you to see everything at once, or they require you to move to another screen for just about every form of order entry. In other words, there is a separate screen for entering deliveries, carry-outs, pick-ups, wire-ins, etc. This potentially creates a very cumbersome and redundant application.

IRIS streamlines both form and function while bringing you a new approach to Point-of-Sale.

Call today at: 877-810-4747 for more information. A representative is available Monday – Friday 9:00am – 7:00pm EST


Remember, IRIS V2.0 FLORAL POS Suite has not been officially released just yet.
We are still giving you time and want to show you what you have been waiting for. Register before the launch and you will receive the entire new system at our original price of only $199.00 / Mo.

The New Floral POS Setup Wizard

Setting up your registers are now easier than ever before.  IRIS V2.0 now offers a full configuration setup wizard.  In less than 5 minutes, it walks you through the entire process.  Set up your printers for receipts, delivery tickets and more. Configure your cash drawer and card swiper.  IRIS even offers support for multiple delivery ticket layouts so you can use the ones you already have.

The Image Glider

IRIS introduces 4 new methods of entering products into a transaction.  One of which is the new image glider control.  The glider allows you to both search and add products to a transaction visually.  Easily view the product images, codes, names and multiple price levels.  Enlarge your photos with one click and even view recipes from the same panel.

If you have a touch screen monitor, you can scroll through your images with a simple touch. Inventory information is clearly visible at all times.   The glider also has a letter bar control that allows you to quickly sift through your product categories with ease making your order entry process truly unique.

Customizable Task Pads

What is a task pad?  A task pad is a customizable product panel that allows you to control what products and prices you would like to have readily available to you.  This is ideal if you have a busy season approaching and you intend to sell the same common group of products on a daily basis.  The task pad conveniently appears at the bottom of your screen with one click and disappears when you are done.

It cuts down on the time it takes to enter products into a transaction and allows you to truly customize your order entry screen the way it best suits your store.

On-Screen Keyboard

Another new and exciting feature of the IRIS system is the new on screen keyboard. The keyboard appears automatically on your screen as you are performing certain tasks throughout the day.¬†¬† Whether it’s entering delivery information, adding a new customer or performing a search, the keyboard will appear at the bottom of your screen for easy usage and disappear when you are done.¬† This feature truly enhances the touch screen experience.

Credit / Debit Card Panel

The beautiful new card processing panel give you crystal clear displays and complete control when accepting a credit or debit payments. Use the numeric keypad with your mouse or your touch screen monitor for unprecedented form and function.  IRIS saves credit cards accounts you have on file for house accounts and even lets you categorize them as business or personal.

IRIS also offers complete credit card validation for swiped and keyed card number entry to avoid possible declines before they occur.  The built in voice module means that IRIS will even communicate with you verbally to notify you of such errors.

Check Payment Panel

When processing checks,¬† IRIS gives you the same visual experience as entering card payments.¬† Pull up the check panel and easily enter the date, amount and even a memo. With IRIS V2.0, you now have a whole new dynamic to your point-of-sale system.¬† It’s next generation design truly makes IRIS one of the most enjoyable software experiences you could have.

Inline Product Options

IRIS V2.0 offers a tremendous amount of new, one-touch options when you are taking an order.  You have complete control over your transaction information.  Enable and disable tax per product or globally. Set percentage based or dollar based discounts at the item level or for the entire order.

Enter one card message for your entire order or separate card messages per product. View real time inventory information and product photos in one or multiple stores. The convenient options panel is only a touch away and available for every product you enter.

Inline Card Message Controls

IRIS V2.0 allows you to enter card messages in two ways.  Globally, meaning one message for the entire order or at the product level meaning one message per actual product.  IRIS then automatically deciphers how and how many work tickets to print out.

The inline card message module allows you to control this procedure.  You can also format your card messages any way you like.  Choose colors, sizes and font styles.  You can also save your card messages.  Save them in plain text or preserve the HTML formatting.  You can then recall your saved messages for one touch re-use.

Inline or Global Product Discounts

IRIS V2.0 offer a great deal of control when it comes to applying discounts.  You can now apply discounts as either a percentage value or as dollar based.  Apply them globally to the entire order or set your discounts at the item level.  The slick, easy to use discount panel allows you to enter your values using your touch screen, mouse or keyboard.

The pre-defined, one-touch discount buttons allow for even faster entry when you need it.

Transaction Completion Options

Finish your transactions strong.  IRIS V2.0 offers a new option selector at the end of each order taken, allowing you to select one or multiple functions.  Print a receipt or delivery ticket.  Email a receipt to your customer.  Email or print an invoice on the spot.

Best of all, choose multiple options and they all happen at the same time!

Interface Tool Tips

IRIS is all about convenience and ease of use.  However if you are just starting out and feel like you need help, pull up the tool tips panel at any time.  IRIS will then display a series of balloons across the entire order entry interface with a brief description of each section.

Sign In / Punch In Screen

When logging in to your terminals each day, IRIS requires a valid username and password for security.  We have also included the Sign and Clock-in option from the same screen for convenience.  This gives you the choice on whether or not you wish to clock in at that particular time.

This is a handy feature if you make a mistake and need to get back into the register for any reason without adding to the punch clock report.  Either way, all sign-ins are logged into the main IRIS database with or without clocking in.

Starting Drawer Amounts

Easily setup your cash drawer amounts each day when you log in and open your cash drawer.  IRIS walks you through the opening process step by step.  You can even save pre-defined amounts if you open with the same amount each day.

View register details like the last closing date, who closed the register last, the last time it was opened, the current amount and more.

Switch User Control

If you have multiple cashiers, the switch user control makes it easy to toggle through your accounts.  This is useful when changing shifts or if you simply need to temporarily swap cashiers. The touch optimized control lets you quickly scroll through your accounts and make the transition with one click.

IRIS V2.0 offers seamless user transitions.  Unlike many other applications on the market, IRIS does not require the whole application to be closed and re-opened which could lead to a disruption of your current transaction or loss of data.

New Tool Bar Panel

Ease of use is key for any software system and good design shows.  The new order entry interface gives you all of the control you need from one place.  The new tool bar component conveniently gives you access to all of your main features from the same panel.  Add a new customer, enter delivery details, punch in or out, switch users, lock your work station, open the cash drawer, view store wide messages and much more without having to maneuver through separate screens.

Call today at: 877-810-4747 for more information about our Florist Point of Sales Systems (POS) . A representative is available Monday РFriday 9:00am Р7:00pm EST

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