Fastest Way To Build Muscle- Simple Tips That Will Help You Add 10 Pounds of Muscle In a Month

Do you want the fastest way to build muscle? Before you venture into doing so, you must know that muscle building doesn�t mean imitating bodybuilders as most of them don�t go through a natural training process. While some of them have such a physique built due to genetic reasons, others did so with medical help which involves taking testosterone injections.

But as an average individual, you should follow an entirely different process which will enable you to build muscle faster without physical and mental overtraining. The following guidelines will tell you exactly how to do that.

First, you need to increase your strength for that, which means you have to do regular exercises along with heavy weight lifting. Push ups, Pulls ups, Dips, Reverse crunches should become a regular part of your exercise. In the case of weight lifting you should start with an empty bar.� Make sure you have a spotter to help you. And with practice you add weight to build up your body.

Your muscles will grow when it is subject to strenuous activity. So you need to lift free weights, the more weight you lift will lead to more stress which means more muscles. It�s safer to use free weights instead of machines. Avoid using machines since it involves some fixed movements you may be injured.

You also have to focus on full body workouts. Exercises like Squats, Deadlifts, Pull ups and Dips work for the whole body and helps to tense your muscles. These kinds of exercises involve entire body movements and will help you lift weights. But besides these intense workouts you need to have sufficient food and sleep. Follow a proper diet which is rich in protein and essential minerals. Also get appropriate sleep and rest because muscles grow when you rest.

This is the fastest way to build muscle. If you want to learn secrets that are guaranteed to help you add up to 10 pounds of muscle or more, click here.

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