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Enfamil Formula.

 Our Enfamil family of formulas contain palm olein oil (a vegetable oil derived from palm oil) rather than palm oil (a tropical oil). This is because palm olein is lower in palmitic acid (a saturated fat) and higher in oleic acid (a monounsaturated fat), which is the main fatty acid in human milk.

Thanks to palm olein oil, which contributes important fatty acids such as palmitic acid and oleic acid, our Enfamil formulas achieve a fatty acid profile closest to breast milk.

Our clinical studies1 show that babies who are fed Enfamil (with palm olein oil as a major fat ingredient) grow and develop well. This indicates adequate absorption and utilization of fat and calcium from the formula. In addition, fat and calcium absorption from Enfamil with and without palm olein oil was found to be comparable to fat and calcium absorption from breast milk, as reported in the literature2-5.

Enfamil family of formulas consider breast milk composition and performance the gold standard of nutrition for babies.


Enfamil family of formulas do not contain any artificial sweeteners. We do not add sucrose or table sugar to any of our routine infant formulas. The carbohydrate source in our lactose-free formulas (corn syrup solids) has a sweetness level similar to lactose.



The newly published Position Statement by the American Dietetic Association and the Dietitians of Canada states that the DHA level in infant formula should be at least 0.2% of total fatty acids.1   The DHA level in Enfamil A+ meets this criteria.

So you’ve decided to formula feed

Feeding times are intimate moments between you and your baby. They are not only a way to nourish your little one but to bond with him, as well.

Women choose to formula feed for many different reasons. Some formula feed for physical or medical reasons. Others because they are returning to work and may find it inconvenient to pump milk or breastfeed there. Still others want Dad and family members to be able to experience that special bond that exists during feeding.

While Dad or a loved one is busy giving your baby his bottle, you can use the time to do something truly amazing. Catch up on a little well-deserved sleep.

What to look for in a formula

As you may know, the Canadian Paediatric Society considers breast milk to be the preferred feeding choice for babies. That’s because it provides balanced nutrition, including the nutrients, DHA and ARA (Omega 3 & 6) that help support brain and eye development, and it provides many other benefits for your baby’s health and immune system. Plus, breastfeeding is convenient and economical for moms and dads.

So when choosing a formula, it’s important to select one that provides DHA, at a level similar to that found in world wide breast milk*, like Enfamil A+®.


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