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Electrical Supplies
LED LampsNo matter what the application, commercial or residential, Goodmart has the LED lamps, lighting and bulbs you need.  From midget flange LED bulbs to LED exit sign retrofit kits; from LED rope lighting and LED holiday lighting to LED candelabra lamps, LED indicator lights, and LED under cabinet lighting. Compact Fluorescent LampsGoodmart has the largest selection of compact fluorescent lamps available anywhere.  We have compact fluorescent lamps for the office, the work site or the home.  Choose here for 2-4 watt fluorescent lamps, twist shape compact fluorescent lamps, dimmable and reflector shape compact fluorescent lamps, screw-in torpedo shape compact fluorescent lamps, modular globe and reflector compact fluorescent lamps, single compact fluorescent lamps, and much more. Motion Sensors

Whether you’re looking for motion sensors for indoor or outdoor use, Goodmart has it.  We also have wireless motion sensors to help you keep the cost of installation down.  Shop here for motion detectors/sensors, motion sensors, motion sensor light fixtures, motion sensor vendor misers and more. 


Often, a flashlight is not something you would think of as invaluable until you need it.  Aside from emergency situations, flashlights are necessary for work sites, home projects and for ‘downtime’ activities as well such as camping and road trips.  Goodmart has a broad line of flashlights for all your needs.  Browse here for AA cell flashlights, LED flashlights, LED lanterns, 6 volt lantern style flashlights, D cell flashlights, halogen lanterns, compact fluorescent lanterns and more. 


Light Dimmers can change the entire look, feel and mood of any room – cozy, romantic, dramatic – all with the touch of a switch (or a slide).  And, Goodmart has a huge selection of dimmers to choose from.  Browse here for plug-in lamp dimmers, touch magnetic low voltage dimmers, touch incandescent dimmers, touch electronic low voltage lighting dimmers, remote control low voltage or incandescent dimmers, remote control fluorescent dimmers, rotary incandescent or fluorescent dimmers, slide magnetic low voltage lighting dimmers, 3-way slide or single pole slide incandescent dimmers, slide electronic low voltage lighting dimmers, slide fluorescent or touch fluorescent dimmers. 

Digital Multimeters

For precision and accuracy, professionals must have high quality multimeters.  Goodmart has a large inventory of multimeters for various applications.  Shop here for electrical multimeters, analog multimeters, pocket multimeters, compact digital multimeters, digital clamp-on multimeters, heavy duty digital multimeters, mini multimeters, manual ranging digital multimeters, automotive digital multimeters, digital precision multimeters, high resolution multimeters and much more. 

LED Exit Signs

At Goodmart, we have the largest selection of code compliant exit lighting in the business including Atlite, Encore, Sure-Lites, and TCP.  Browse LED exit signs, tritium exit signs, emergency lights, hazardous location exit signs and more.  For high quality, reliable exit lighting, Goodmart is the only choice.

Wall Lighting Fixtures

When it comes to interior design, wall fixture lighting means everything.  Whether you’re talking about kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, hallways or bathrooms, the proper wall fixture lighting can make things come alive; it can highlight room accents and collectibles and give the illusion of a bigger space. 

Electric Heaters

Selecting reliable, safe heaters, whether for commercial or residential use, always is the top consideration.  That’s why Goodmart chooses to carry only the highest quality heaters for our customers.  Shop here for ceiling mount heaters, convection heaters, electronic baseboard heaters, electric floor heaters, fan forced wall heaters, hydronic baseboard heaters, portable heaters, snow melting mats and cables. 

Protective Clothing

Goodmart has a wide range of protective clothing for most work environments including maintenance, manufacturing, food processing, and hospitals.  We carry protective clothing from some of the top manufacturers in the business such as Dupont, for example.  Browse here for disposable coveralls, light duty coveralls, Dupont Tyvek coveralls that protect against hazardous dry particles, Dupont Tychem coveralls that protect against hazardous waste; disposable lab coats, polyester aprons, high density disposable aprons, bib aprons, disposable shoe covers, skid resistant shoe covers, boot covers and much more.  For the highest quality protective clothing for almost every application, Goodmart is the safest choice. 

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