Downton Abbey Christmas Special

The particular long awaited and much anticipated   Downton Abbey Christmas Special  aired in america on February 20, 2012. Fans of Masterpiece’s addicting costume drama last but not least got some replies. But we’re still uncertain if the chivalrous Mr. Bates is or perhaps isn’t a murderer. The Downton Holiday Special opens with all the fate of Mr. Bates up inside the air. Bates is put on trial for the life. The accidentally damning testimony of his acquaintances and Lord Grantam ensures Bates can be found guilty. But will he hang? And the ghost with the dead Turkish diplomat nevertheless haunts Mary along with scandal, but Matthew puts it behind them and looks towards another with Lady Margaret at Downton. Thankfully, mean spirited Mister Richard gets cut loose within the holidays.


The all star cast person in Downton Abbey is Dame Maggie Johnson. Make no mistake, she gets some of the best lines in Downton Abbey’s Christmas special. The gift exchange between Countess Violet and Isobel is one of the best scenes in the Christmas Special. Superstar Shirley MacLaine can be written into Period Three of Downton. Based on MacLaine’s capacity for comedy and crisis, she should offer Countess Violet a great run for the woman’s money.


The entire subsequent season of Downton Abbey had some bizarre plot twists much like the arrival and disappearance of a bandaged and burned up Patrick, who may or may not be the real heir to Downton. Nevermind how he mysteriously picked up a Canadian accentuate after only several years in Europe. It seems which Downton’s creator, Julian Fellowes tried out to cram excessive action into Period Two. Season One of Downton concentrates on smaller plot outlines and remains more believable. Season Two is vulnerable to melodrama. Even Isis your new puppy gets her own storyline within the last few episode of Downton. Regardless, Downton Abbey remains delicious eye candy within the tradition of decadent Uk costume dramas. The Downton Abbey Christmas special does not disappoint with high drama from sumptuous holiday surroundings.

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