Do You Want More Facebook Fans? Read This Article!

Facebook is just about the most popular social media network online today. It is considered by many to be a critical and one of the largest social media outlets today. The only other system that can compare is Twitter, though they are vitally different. In its infancy, Facebook was mainly for socialization. Now though it is a good marketing platform and can be used to make money. You can sell to your followers repeatedly by building a Fan page or you can use direct advertising. You have to have fans for your page to achieve this. Below are some helpful ideas so you can achieve this.

Put the Facebook widget on your website. This is one of the most efficient ways to inform people of your Facebook fan page. The widget isn’t difficult to create. You have everything you need on Facebook to do it. It’s simply a matter of changing the design of the widget after you’ve created it to make it look like you want and adding the code to your site. The ideal position for the widget is on your sidebar, however, some people position it in a footer or on a dedicated page. Besides linking to your Facebook page, this widget reveals other information like the number of people following you.

It might attract more people once the number starts to grow, even if it is embarrassingly small at first. The more photos that you have on your fan page, the more likable it will be. This is especially important if you often have live events or participate in live events. You can take pictures, post them on your page and then encourage people to tag themselves. Doing this actually allows them to add the photos to their page without you having to do anything at all. People look around more when there are photos to see. You can improve your popularity by simply having more live events and posting the images later on that day.

By linking your accounts on Facebook and Twitter, when you make a post on Facebook, it will show up on Twitter and when you put up a message on Twitter, it will appear on Facebook as well. This shows the people on Twitter that you have a Facebook page and they might be tempted to take a look at it and to become a fan of it. The character count is also something you can work with. If it’s longer than 140 characters, then your Twitter followers will have to click on the message and go to Facebook to read the update. It’s an excellent way to generate traffic and if your posts are interesting people will want to know when you put something up so they will like you. Without a doubt, our culture has been significantly modified through the integration of Facebook. As with many social network companies, Facebook was once thought to be on its way out like MySpace – not anymore! If you want to amount to anything on the Internet, especially if you are an Internet Marketer, a Facebook fan page is something you have to have. Now you know what to do. Get a Facebook fan page and start having people “like” it using the many strategies we have presented. Good luck and may you be profitable!

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