Do Not Let Taxes Overwhelm You – Internet Marketing Tax Help

All of the money you make through your Internet Marketing efforts is taxable and must be reported to the IRS every year. There are those who may lead you to believe this is not accurate, but they really don’t know what they’re talking about. They don’t know what they are talking about! It is a lot easier to think that taxes are not an issue, than to actually deal with such a powerful agency. It is not necessary to be terrified of your tax obligations any more. In this article we’ll teach you a few things that will help you keep the process easy and workable and not so scary.

Anytime you are able to let a professional use their qualifications for your gain, it is a good idea. A professional bookkeeper will be knowledgeable in some of the areas you may need help with. What’s more he or she will know all of the tax laws inside and out and will help you make sure that you are following them perfectly. When you hire an accountant to do your paperwork for you; you simply gather all of your papers together, present them and they take it from there. It is something that will benefit you greatly.

You should know about the three out of five rule.

Where this rule comes in is when the IRS considers Internet Marketers (the three categories include entrepreneurs, freelancers and sole proprietors) as making money three out of every five years they are conducting business on the internet. If you consistently show a loss or no profit; the IRS will be looking into your business. If you are able to keep clear and concise records of your income and expenditures, you should have no issues if the IRS should decide to have a look. If you have been hiding any key information from them and they catch you, there will be a worse price to pay in the end.

If you are considering filing your own taxes, you would be well advised to begin the process as early as possible. If you decide to file your own annual tax information, as an Internet Marketer (otherwise know as a freelancer), you will be subject to more intense tax laws and forms and will no longer be able to use the simple 1040EZ type of form. This process is compounded with a diverse assortment of schedules, forms and convoluted laws and formulas. The more organized and prepared you are when you begin your tax preparation; the likelier you will be satisfied with the outcome. As an internet marketer, you will track many things. Taxes are one of these things. If you track your expenses properly, then hopefully you will not run into any problems. Also, you can use the aid of professionals.

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