Custom Thread Gages, Pin Gauges, Screw Gages

Thread Check Inc. manufactures a complete line of thread gages and related products used to measure screw threads and calibrate gages.

Thread Gages Products

S.T.I. Thread Plug Gages

Helical coil ( STI ) Plug Gages are used to gage threaded holes prior to insertion of screw thread inserts. Screw thread inserts are used to repair a damaged thread or to provide stronger thread assembly. All Helical Coil – STI thread plug gages are manufactured of oil hardened tool steel to a class

Plain Plug Gages Custom Reversible – Carbide – Inches

Thread Check Inc. offers custom reversible plain plug gages in class XX thru ZZ gagemaker tolerances for checking holes and calibrating measuring equipment. Custom plain plug gages are made of quality C2 Tungsten Carbide for longer gage life. Sizes range from .040″ – 1.000″.

Thread Plug Gages – Taperlock Design – Chrome

Thread Check, Inc. offers a complete line of AGD – American Gage Design, unified working taperlock thread plug gages. The taperlock thread plug gage style allows for a quick and convenient replacement of the gage member into an existing handle. A worn gage member can be simply removed and a new replacement

Thread Ring Gages - Unified Series

Thread Ring Gages – Unified Inch

Thread Check, Inc. offers a complete line of AGD – American Gage Design, unified adjustable thread ring gages. Thread ring gages and set plugs are manufactured per ANSI/ASME B1.2. Thread ring gages are manufactured to an X tolerance in 1A, 2A and 3A Go members and 2A and 3A No go members. Unified Series

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