Your Conditioner May Causing Your Flat Hair

Dove Dermacare Dandruff ShampooIs your hair continuously flat and you can’t really figure out why? Trying out a volumizing spray, a round brush, or even few clip-in extensions.

However, if you continue to have flat hair then the problem could be how you are washing & conditioning it.

Normally, proper care of hair involves shampoo, hair conditioner, and giving a gentle finish with a fine-tooth comb that de-tangle any knot.

But do you know that conditioner is perhaps the major culprit for flat hair? Well, although conditioner is designed to make your hair soft as well as shiny, its major downside is that it often weighs down your hair.

But should you avoid conditioner all together? The answer is no. The secret to achieving the best results with hair conditioner is to use the right amount as well as using it only on tips.

Even worse, using a wrong conditioner could further weigh-down your hair giving it a flatter look. For instance, a person with dandruff should opt for conditioner that is specifically labelled for scalp and hair.

Dove Dermacare Dandruff Shampoo is one of the best conditioners designed for scalp and hair as it contains zinc pyrithione that has a double impact. This conditioner acts as a hydrator and flake fighter. Unlike other conditioners that have silicones that coat hair and weighs it down or sulphates that leaves the hair over-dry, this conditioner fight flakes and as well as hydrates hair.

But how do you properly use this conditioner? Well, when using conditioner, it is important to thoroughly rinse it out. Leaving any remnants on fine hair will eventually weigh down your hair leading to a loss of volume.

On the other hand, you can choose not to use conditioner and instead use a bit of argan oil and still achieve the smooth and shiny hair. When using argan oil, remember to rub it only on the ends of your hair.

The bottom line is, whether you choose to use hair conditioner or not, a good hair day is basically determined if you are using it right. 


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