Change Your Workouts to Boost Muscle Gain and Lose Fat

If you want to keep up the good results from your workouts, then making regular changes to them is necessary. Whether you are trying to lose weight, build muscle or just want to tone up then altering your workout variables is an integral part of keeping up the improvement.

Small, but consistent, changes to your training program are what you need, not drastically different changes. If your workouts have no proper pattern then your body has no foundation on which to improve.

Once you make the changes it will take a month or two for your body to adapt to the new training method, You need to be consistent to get good results but after a while your progress will slow down and it is time to make changes once more.

These are some of the workout variables you need to change;

Numbers of sets and reps of exercises

The order in what you do your exercises

Exercise Grouping. (super-setting, circuit training, tri-sets, etc.)

Type of exercise: (multi-joint or single joint, free-weight or machine based)

Number of exercises per workout

The amount of resistance used

The time under tension

The base of stability (standing, seated, on stability ball, one-legged, etc.)

Range of motion

Repetition speed

Rest periods between sets

The volume of work (sets x reps x distance moved)

Exercise angle (inclined, flat, declined, bent over, upright, etc)

Training duration per workout

Training frequency per week, etc

Now you have an idea of what variables you can change, here is a quick example of how to vary a workout program and still keep it consistent.

Let’s say one of your workouts consists of 10 sets of 3 reps for 6 different exercises grouped together in pairs (done as supersets) with 30 seconds rest between each superset and no rest between the 2 exercises within the superset.

And let’s say that you are keeping an accurate record of your progress (as you should be) for a month or so and then find out that your improvement has stopped. That’s the time when you have to change your variables and begin a new program.

The new program could be a routine consisting of five sets of five reps in tri-sets (three exercises performed back to back to back, and then repeated for the number of sets)

However, this time you do the exercises in the tri-set with no rest between them, and then recover for 2 minutes in between each tri-set to fully regain your strength levels.

By changing your exercise routines regularly you will keep things fresh and your body won’t get stuck in the rut of a familiar routine. This will also help you fend off boredom at doing the same things over and over so making your workouts more interesting

If you are still stuck for ideas on how to change your training routines to improve your body then you can get ready-made scientifically designed programs that will maximize your results.

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For more muscle building tips and great training routines – all written by top fitness experts go right now to Building Muscle

For more muscle building tips and great training routines – all written by top fitness experts go right now to Building Muscle

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